IPG's Valentin Gapontsev keynotes 2013 Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar

Oct. 31, 2012
Nashua, NH--The Laser Focus World 2013 Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar features a keynote this year from IPG's Valentin Gapontsev.

Nashua, NH--The Laser Focus World 2013 Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar (www.marketplaceseminar.com) features a keynote this year from IPG's Valentin Gapontsev. To be held February 4, 2013 in conjunction with SPIE Photonics West (spie.org/photonics-west.xml) in San Francisco, the Marketplace Seminar is now in its 25th year and includes an impressive speaker lineup that encompasses the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the lasers and photonics markets worldwide.

Early bird registration through December 15 saves you $200 off the registration fee. The Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar is a one-day event that analyzes the business of photonics. It provides photonics industry decision makers and stakeholders with market information and analysis, a look at emerging opportunities, and a forum for networking. Comprehensive market data segmented by applications and laser technology is presented from three of the photonics industry's leading resources: Laser Focus World, Industrial Laser Solutions, and Strategies Unlimited.

The keynote presentation, entitled "Advances and Opportunities in Fiber Lasers," featuresDr. Valentin Gapontsev, CEO and Chairman of IPG Photonics. Fiber lasers have been the fastest growing segment of laser products for several years, changing the dynamics of existing laser markets and opening new application areas. Much of the dynamism surrounding fiber lasers is attributable to IPG Photonics and its founder, Dr. Valentin Gapontsev, who started the company in 1990. From its early focus on optical fiber communications, Dr. Gapontsev has led the company to become a leader in industrial processing, along with several other market areas. In this keynote speech, he will talk about changing markets drivers and what to look for in terms of developments in fiber laser technology and emerging markets opportunities.

Don't miss this opportunity to mingle with your peers and gain valuable insight into the Lasers & Photonics Marketplace with this annual event. Registration is now open at www.marketplaceseminar.com.

SOURCE:Laser Focus World; www.marketplaceseminar.com

IMAGE: Register for the 2013 Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar, now in its 25th year, to be held in conjunction with SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco on February 4, 2013. IPG's Valentin Gapontsev is this year's keynote speaker. (Courtesy Laser Focus World)

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