Alfalight receives $1.7M contract for non-lethal ocular disruptors

Jan. 10, 2014
Madison, WI--Alfalight received a $1.7 million dollar, 20-month contract for the development and delivery of green laser systems for long-range ocular disruption applications.

Madison, WI--Developer of high-performance infrared and visible laser systems for defense and security applications, Alfalight received a $1.7 million dollar, 20-month contract from a major prime contractor for the development and delivery of rugged, high-power green laser systems with active eyesafety technology. The complete laser and electro-optical systems will be delivered to the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center (Dahlgren Division) for long-range ocular disruption applications. This new long-range non-lethal laser development underscores Alfalight’s focus on integrated defense systems and builds upon Alfalight’s proven Non-Lethal Ocular Disruption (NLOD) technology, combining wide-operating temperature, high-power green lasers with advanced electrooptics and integrated control methodologies.

"Alfalight's high-performance green laser technology integrated with novel optics and control engineering are uniquely valuable to tactical systems customers," said Ron Bechtold, vice president of sales and marketing. "2014 will be a significant growth year for Alfalight. This award adds to our rapidly growing backlog of orders which validates our continued market focus on high-value laser systems integration opportunities for enhanced security solutions."

Alfalight's systems serve both man-portable and vehicle-borne applications that include compact visible, SWIR, and infrared laser illuminators, targeting/tracking/locating devices, laser-initiated ordnance, and power-over-fiber. The products are designed for the demands of rough use and are qualified to the ruggedness requirements of MIL-STD-810G or related aerospace/telecommunications standards. Alfalight is ITAR registered and entirely U.S.-based, enabling rapid, cost-effective delivery of turnkey defense-related electrooptical systems.

SOURCE: Alfalight;

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