New market report assesses growth of high-brightness LEDs in lighting

August 15, 2008--Strategies Unlimited has released a market report on high-brightness LEDs in lighting; dramatic improvements in the technology and cost reducation have contributed to rapid market growth.

August 15, 2008--High-brightness light-emitting diodes (HB LEDs) have demonstrated dramatic improvements in performance in recent years, as well as significant cost reduction, such that they are undergoing a period of rapid market growth in a variety of niche and general lighting applications, says a report by Strategies Unlimited (Mountain View, CA). In 2007 the worldwide market for HB LEDs used in lighting applications reached $337 million, up from $205 million in 2006. Although the majority of lighting applications continued to use colored (red, green and blue) LEDs, white LEDs accounted for 48% of the market, and this percentage will grow as LEDs achieve greater penetration of the general illumination market.

A recently released report by Strategies Unlimited entitled, "The Market for High-Brightness LEDs in Lighting: Application Analysis and Forecast--2008" provides a detailed assessment of the current market and future growth prospects for the use of HB LEDs in lighting. The report analyzes the market structure for lighting and the drivers that will enable HB LED technology to penetrate the lighting market, as well as the barriers to market growth. It also provides detailed analysis and quantitative market forecasts for 12 LED lighting applications through 2012.

Through 2007, HB LED illumination applications have included niche markets such as architectural lighting, channel letter signs, accent and decorative lighting, and entertainment lighting, many of which use red, green, and blue LEDs. In addition, however, white LEDs have begun to capture a strong market position in selected applications such as consumer portable lighting (e.g. flashlights, headlamps) and machine vision, and more recently have begun to be used on a limited basis in applications such as retail display lighting, commercial and industrial lighting, and outdoor area lighting.

As the LED lighting market grows beyond single-color and color-changing applications into general illumination applications such as residential, commercial, and off-grid applications, and ultimately into outdoor area applications, it is forecast to reach $1.65 billion in 2012. By then it will be only be the beginning for the ultimate replacement of conventional light sources, including high-efficiency fluorescent and HID lamps. However, many challenges face the LED industry to accomplish that goal, all of which are discussed in the report.

"The Market for High-Brightness LEDs in Lighting: Application Analysis and Forecast--2008" is available for immediate delivery from Strategies Unlimited at a price of $5,450. More information on the report is available by contacting Tim Carli, Sales Manager, at +1 (650) 941-3438 ext. 23, by e-mail at, or on the company web site,


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