Portable Power Systems laser diode drivers available in pulsed or CW

April 14, 2011
The PPS-120TS series of touch-screen laser diode drivers allows the user to select the current, pulsewidth, and frequency of the laser using a keypad or an iPod-style digital potentiometer.

The PPS-120TS series of touch-screen laser diode drivers allows the user to select the current, pulsewidth, and frequency of the laser using a keypad or an iPod-style digital potentiometer. The units are available in pulsed, CW, or both modes. They have a rise time of 15 μs and can deliver pulses from 25 μs to DC.
Portable Power Systems
St. Louis, MO

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Portable Power Systems

PPS-120TS Touch-Screen Laser Diode Driver

  • CW or Pulsed operation
  • Touch-Screen or RS232 control (GPIB optional)
  • Up to 120 Volts @ 300 Amps operation
  • 0 to +10 Volts analog outputs for external
  • Voltage and Current control (optional)
  • EEPROM memory for last parameters stored
  • Over Voltage and Over Current protection
  • Laser and Driver Over Temperature protection
  • Remote and Coolant interlocks
  • Laser spike protection
  • 95% Surface Mount Technology
  • 3 Year Warranty

The PPS-120TS series of Touch-Screen Laser Diode Drivers are versatile high power laser diode drivers that offer the user a unique way to operate their laser diode, laser diode bars, or laser diode arrays.

The units are available in Pulsed, CW, or both modes. The PPS-120TS can house a high power internal power supply or control an external power supply with a 0-10 analog signal for voltage and current in higher power applications. The user can select the current, pulse width, and frequency of the laser by using a Key Pad or an IPOD type of digital potentiometer on the Touch Screen. The user can also control the unit by interfacing a lap top or desk top computer to through the RS232 port. The microprocessor monitors all safety features such as Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Temperature of the driver and the laser, Remote, and Coolant Interlock and Emergency Stop.

The PPS-120TS has a rise time of 15uSeconds and can deliver pulses from 25uSeconds to DC. The unit has spike protection on “Turn On” and protection for the laser on “Turn Off” due to reverse EMF voltages. The units are design so that they produce no negative spikes or voltages on the laser during either pulsed or CW operation.

Portable Power Systems Inc.
5106 Hampton Ave. Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63109
[email protected]

Our circuits are designed using components with multiple manufacturers and packages that allow Portable Power Systems Inc. to stream line the supply chain and obtain components easily. This method of design assures that our products offer the user a quality product at a fair price that can be assembled in higher quantities when needed. When the unit is on but the laser has not been operated in either CW or pulsed mode the unit consumes less than 3 Watts.


Posted by Lee Mather

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