Photonics Industries sub-nanosecond laser for industrial micromachining

Nov. 30, 2011
The SN series of lasers for industrial micromachining applications has a nominal pulse width of
The SN series of lasers for industrial micromachining applications has a nominal pulse width of <1 ns and produces a TEM00 beam with quality of M2 <1.5. The lasers emit up to 40 W at 1064 nm, up to 25 W at 532 nm, and up to 14 W at 355 nm, with repetition rates up to 80 kHz.Photonics Industries
Bohemia, NY
[email protected]More Products ----- PRESS RELEASE Photonics Industries announces high intensity sub ns SN Series laser for industrial micro machining applications (Bohemia, NY - October 21, 2011) There is a desire to use shorter (i.e., sub ns) pulse width lasers to enable a more precise ablative based material processing. If the pulse width is too long >10 ns the processing is fast, but crude. If the pulse width is too short <10ps the processing is precise, but slow. In an effort to balance the optimum pulse width with material removal rate, Photonics Industriesdeveloped a unique sub ns (<1ns nominal pulse width) laser. Combining this with an excellent TEM00 mode quality (M2 <1.5) Photonics Industries announces a unique high intensity(i.e., high brightness) sub ns laser (the SN series) for industrial micro machining apps. These efficient lasers prove in for next generation applications such as: Tempered Glass, Sapphire, or Ceramics Cutting, Scribing and Drilling Crystalline Si or thin film based solar cell processing Low K wafers and LED substrates scribing and dicing Via hole drilling/flex circuit cutting; ITO patterning/FPD processing and other novel micromachining applications. Photonics Industries has several standard SN Series laser available: Up to 40W @ 1064nm Up to 25W @ 532nm Up to 14W @ 355nm all with <1ns nominal pulse widths, M2 <1.5 at high repetition rate (up to 80kHz). Photonics Industries also offers the Highest Power Commercially Available UV ns(30W of UV), as well as, high power green (50W at 532nm) and Deep UV (263 and 266nm) lasers.
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