Laser marker from CNI Laser emits an average 5 W at 1064 nm

May 16, 2013
The EL-1064/5W laser source for marking has a laser head measuring 259 × 112 × 108 mm.
The EL-1064/5W laser source for marking has a laser head measuring 259 × 112 × 108 mm. It emits an average 5 W at 1064 nm, with pulses <7 ns, single-pulse energy >200 μJ, and peak power up to 30 kW. It produces a TEM00 mode with beam quality M2 <1.5.CNI Laser
Changchun, China
[email protected]More Products ----- PRESS RELEASE Laser Marking Source from CNI laser has a small laser head. EL-1064/5W laser source for marking has very small dimensions of laser head 259 mm (L) * 112 mm (W) * 108 mm (H) which is ideal choice for fine and fast scribe. The laser emits an average power of 5W at 1064 nm, with the short pulse duration less than 7ns, and the single pulse energy larger than 200μJ, to high up the peak power to up to 30kW. This laser source has perfect beam spot TEM00 mode and the beam quality is only less than 1.5. CNI laser, [email protected] -----Follow us on TwitterSubscribe now to Laser Focus World magazine; it's free!

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