Sony LED-based lawn illumination system spurs grass growth

Oct. 4, 2016
"Brighturf" red and blue LEDs promote photosynthesis, lush suburban lawns.

As noted by Tech-On!, Sony Business Solutions (Tokyo, Japan) recently exhibited an LED-based lighting system that promotes the growth of natural grass at Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2016 (Sept 26 to 28, 2016; Yokohama, Japan).

The system, "Brighturf," was developed in collaboration with Kashima Antlers, Shinshu University, Showa Denko, and Sekishin Denki. Sony Business Solutions is a company affiliated with the Sony group that produces broadcasting equipment and commercial-use products.

A previous lawn-growth lighting system used halogen lamps to grow turf grass; however, it generates heat and withers grass in Japan, which is a high-temperature, high-humidity country. The Brighturf is the world's first LED-based lighting system used to grow grass, according to Sony Business Solutions.

The Brighturf emits red (660 nm wavelength) and blue (450 nm wavelength) lights, which are optimal for photosynthesis, from a height of 1.5 m, covering an area of 90m2. It speeds up the growth of grass by six times, says Sony. As a result, it enables turf grass in a shady area to grow as fast as grass in a sunny area, the company says.


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