Laser scan systems maker Scanlab reorganizes for growth

Scanlab is simplifying its legal structure and the corporate headquaters construction nears completion.

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(Image. Drawing of the new Scanlab headquarters, which is nearing completion in Pucheim, Germany. Courtesy Scanlab)

Scanlab (Puchheim, Munich), a manufacturer of laser scanning systems, is simplifying its legal structure and moving responsibilities to a new corporate form. Scanlab AG (a stock corporation) has transferred all its core business operations to Scanlab GmbH (a limited liability company). This GmbH then constitutes a subsidiary, along with affiliated companies Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH and Next Scan Technology BVBA, which will enhance their roles as strategic partners. Simulaneously, the corporate headquaters has undergone a substantial enlargement that the company believes positions it for growth.

The reorganization makes Scanlab AG a pure financial holding corporation, functioning as the Group's parent. In this new structure, Scanlab GmbH (high-precision scan solutions), Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH (remote laser welding), and Next Scan Technology BVBA (polygon scanners) are all independent legal entities connected by a strategic partnership. The management teams of all corporate units remain unchanged.

"These changed formalities have no effect on our trust-based customer and business relationships, and certainly present no disadvantages to our strong global team. Scanlab's growth strategy also remains unchanged–-but now our management teams' decision-making can be even more effective and swifter," says Scanlab GmbH CEO Georg Hofner about the Group's restructuring.

Source: Scanlab

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