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May 1, 2000
OptoLink offers information faster; Radiometer; UV laser; And more

OptoLink offers information faster

Laser Focus World is now offering faster and easier access to information on products described in our New Products sections. Just go to our Web site: and click on OptoLink. Enter your choice of circle numbers, and your request for information will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer or vendor. Of course, you can still circle the numbers on the Reader Inquiry Card and mail or fax as usual.


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A hand-held radiometer can measure up to 19,999 mW/cm2 of optical power over the 250-600-nm band. Filters that can be changed externally by the user allow the unit to focus on specific bandwidths of sources producing a broad spectral output. It can measure power or irradiance calibrated to NIST standards and can measure and hold maximum values. Applications include use with UV/visible spot-curing systems, illumination, and nondestructive-testing systems.
EFOS, Mississauga, Ont., Canada

UV laser

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The AVIA 355-3000 Q-switched, diode-pumped solid-state laser provides >3-W average power at 20 kHz and >2 W from 10 to 35 kHz. It has a repetition rate from single shot to >100 kHz for via-hole drilling, scribing, and micromachining polymers. Pulsewidth is <40 ns up to 60 kHz. Variable pulse rate can be changed on the fly, and performance and beam quality can be optimized at each selected rate.Coherent Laser Group, Santa Clara, CA

Laser diodes

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The H-66-003-F and H-66-004-F are AlGaInP multiple-quantum-well laser diodes that use MOCVD technology and provide powers of 50 and 200 mW, respectively, at 660 nm. They come hermetically sealed in a 9-mm-diameter TO-5 package with built-in monitor photodiode and pin type 1 (N type) configurations. Applications include light sources for levelers and other test and measurement equipment, position detection equipment, and medical equipment.
Photonic Products Ltd., Newport, Essex, England

Photosensor modules

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A series of light-sensor modules use a compact metal package photomultiplier tube and built-in power supply. The H6779 and H6780 modules operate at +11.5 to +15.5 V on ~ 450 mW. They have an anode pulse risetime of 0.78 ns. The sensitivity adjustable range is 1:104, and the radiant sensitivity at 420 nm ranges from 40 to 17 µA/nW, with typical dark current from 0.2 to 2 nA, depending on model. The H6779, H6780, and H5784 have spectral responses from 300 to 650 nm.
Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ

Welding System

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The HC-203S multipurpose and HC-205 five-axis laser powder fusion welders are designed for hardfacing and resurfacing of components such as aerospace engine blades. The 203S has three CNC axes and two removable elevated-temperature welding stations. The 205 allows the option of using three, four, or five CNC axes.
Huffman Corp., Clover, SC

Fluorescence lifetime spectrometer

The FluoTime 100 spectrometer records fluorescence decays by means of time-correlated single-photon counting using a PMT. Diode-laser excitation wavelengths include 400 and 635-1550 nm. Decay times of down to 30 ps can be resolved; operation up to 80-MHz repetition rate and count rates to 3 x 106 photons/s can be processed.
PicoQuant GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Multichip LED lamps

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Poly-LED multichip LED lamps can replace LD cluster or incandescent lamps in alarms, outdoor message signs, status panels, warning lights, and intense light sources. The devices incorporate discrete LEDs in an integrated package that emulates chips-on-board dot-matrix displays. Each unit has built-in metalized reflectors and molded lenses.
Lumex, Palatine, IL

Laser marking system

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The ILS sealed CO2 laser-marking system produces high-definition graphics and legible text on a variety of materials, marking at up to 400 characters/min. The system can provide field sizes larger than 11 in. square, depending on the application, and comes with special colored laser pigments and coloring agents to provide permanent high-contrast laser marks on materials such as brass, aluminum, glass, and ceramics.
Industrial Laser Source, Hopedale, MA

Ti:sapphire laser

The G8000 is a modelocked Ti:sapphire laser with single-mode fiber for beam delivery. It emits 800 to 900 nm in 70-fs pulses, with 60-mW minimum average power from the output end of the fiber. A green laser unit provides pumping.
Oyokoden Lab Co. Ltd., Toda, Saitama, Japan

UV quartz lenses

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A family of quartz lenses is designed for imaging at 266 nm. The UV2528 covers a 16-mm imager and has 25-mm focal length and a f/2.8 aperture. The UV2528B also includes an adjustable iris. The UV8040B covers an 18-mm imager in C-mount form, has a focal length of 78 mm, an adjustable iris and focus, and a f/3.8 aperture. In T-mount form, the UV 8040B covers 35-mm film.
Universe Kogaku America, Oyster Bay, NY

Argon-ion lasers

Ultra series air-cooled argon-ion lasers provide a standard 24-month or 8000-h warranty and conform to UL, TUV, IEC, and CDRH regulatory requirements. The device's power supply offers universal input voltage/line frequency (90 to 265 Vac, from 47 to 63 Hz) with power factor correction.
JDS Uniphase, San Jose, CA

Gel documentation system

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The GeneLink and GeneCam systems contain a CCD camera, 9 x 11-in. hood, and image-acquisition software. Optional GeneTools analysis software processes camera images in 8 s, automatically locating lanes, bands, and edges and producing precise molecular weights, volume, and quality data.
Spectronics Corp., Westbury, NY

Image scanner

The HawkEye model 15HD fixed position scanner and verifier uses integrated visual laser targeting with audio feedback. It has an integrated lighting system to enhance contrast of standard printed labels and laser-etched marks. It uses progressive scanning to capture symbols in 0.0001 s.
Auto Image ID, Cherry Hill, NJ

Surface-mount lamps

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Developed as an alternative to blue and white LEDs, the CSD series surface-mount incandescent lamps come in multiple sizes and brightness levels (up to 12 lm) and provide from 5 to 28 V. Two- or three-piece construction is available. The three-piece device provides an integral silicon filter cap that can withstand reflow processes with temperatures up to 260°C. Right-angle models are available with or without filter caps.
JKL Components Corp., Pacoima, CA

Mobile FTIR system

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Intended for scene-of-the-crime forensic analysis, the TravelIR mobile FTIR system has the same analytical capability of a lab system. Presenting single- or multibounce crystal options, it uses video microscopy to examine a sample area in contact with a diamond ATR element, providing high sensitivity and nonscratching analysis of materials.
SensIR Technologies, Danbury, CT

Industrial smart camera

The Megapixel industrial smart camera has 1280 x 1024 pixels, allowing for measurements down to 1 µm. It has a normalized gray-scale correlation library for use in precision registration, alignment, and robot guidance tasks. The device measures 120 x 50 x 35 mm and has up to 8 Mbytes of RAM, 2 Mbytes of EPROM, four 12-24-V inputs, four 150-mA outputs, an RS-232 interface, and shuttering speeds from 1/100,000 to 20 s.
Vision Components, Cambridge, MA

Measuring system

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A measuring system contains a 6-in. LCD screen, eliminating eyepieces. The image has on-screen x, y, and z digital data indication. The instrument contains a 10X planachromatic objective with 10-mm working distance, a CCTV 1/3-in. chip camera, and a choice of a 50 x 50-mm stage with rotating table or 50 x 100-mm linear stage. 20X and 40X objectives are optional.
Unitron, Bohemia, NY

Infrared camera

The Laird-S270A infrared camera has an observable temperature range of -20°C to 250°C with standard lenses and 100°C to 1500°C with an optional high-temperature lens. The detector is a PtSi CCD with 537 x 505 pixels, a detection wavelength range of 3 to 8 µm, and a frame rate of 30 frames/s. It uses 50 W at 12 Vdc.
Nikon Corp., Tokyo, Japan

Laser cooler

The model 9448 water-to-ambient-air laser-cooling system has a cooling performance of 75 W of dissipation for every 1°C of initial temperature differential between the entering air and entering water. The system handles laser-head delta pressure of up to 40 psi and weighs 32 lb.
Thermatron Engineering, Methuen, MA

Rotary laser marking system

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The DW rotary laser marking system contains a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser marker and a Class-1 DW workstation. The workstation has a two-position 180° high-speed rotary indexer, twin-start operator controls, and interlocked guard. Loading and marking occur simultaneously. The system marks metals, plastics, and ceramics.
Unitek Miyachi Lasers, Monrovia, CA

Gauging sensor

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Class II SLS 7000 specular reflective sensor offers 10-nm resolution over a 1-mm measurement range, a 16-kHz sample rate, and a 10- to 20-µm visible laser spot that enables profiling of target structures such as miniscule cracks and grooves. An optional integrated CCD camera can help with micropositioning of the laser on a target.
LMI Selcom, Southfield, MI

Machine-vision software

HexSight 2.0 industrial machine-vision software provides robotic guidance and parts inspection. It runs on a PC and uses off-the-shelf cameras and frame grabbers. It includes automatic part teach with optional fine-tuning and can typically locate randomly oriented parts in <25 ms with a precision of 1/40 of a pixel and 0.01° in rotation.HexaVision Technologies, Ste. Foy, Que., Canada

Modeling software

HS Design semiconductor heterostructure modeling software performs physics-based modeling of electronic and optical properties of the heteroepitaxial structures of semiconductor optoelectronic devices. Features modeled include band nonparabolicity and intermixing, anomalous dispersion, birefringence of quantum well layers, and waveguide and vertical propagation in arbitrary layered structures.
Optiwave, Nepean, Ont., Canada

Image sensor

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The Digital Science KAF-3200E image sensor is a 3.2 million-pixel full-frame Blue Plus CCD for industrial inspection, microscopy, digitization, and other applications requiring megapixel resolution and multiple frames per second. The device has quantum efficiency of 40%, 52%, and 65% for wavelengths of 450, 500, and 650 nm, respectively, as well as a 15-MHz data rate for fast readout.
Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY

Industrial laser

The FH 6000 is a 6000 W, fast-flow CO2 laser for cutting, welding, and cladding applications. It can process carbon steel up to 40 mm, stainless steel up to 32 mm, and aluminum up to 12.7 mm. Peak pulses up to 12 kW are possible.
PRC Laser, Landing, NJ

Optical encoder

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The QD110 high-resolution optical encoder provides digital position information directly from the feedback device in a standard size-11 mounting format. Output is quadrature with reference pulse at resolution to 2048 lines per revolution. A nickel-coated carbon-fiber composite housing provides EMI shielding.
Quantum Devices, Barneveld, WI


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HRM series photomodules are miniaturized receivers and infrared remote control systems. PIN diode preamplifiers are assembled on the lead frame, and the photodetector and amplifier are packaged together. Modules can filter the interference from visible light and have the demodulated output signal decoded directly by a microprocessor.
LEDopto, Aliso Viejo, CA


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The AND520 series of LEDs has a luminous intensity ranging from 1400 to 5000 mcd, bright enough for outdoor signs and indicator lights. The GaN-based LEDs require a drive current of ~1 to 20 mA dc and are capable of pulse operation. The LEDs come in blue, green, and white. Other flat and domed lens surface-mount LEDs are also available in blue.
Purdy Electronics Corp., Sunnyvale, CA

UV flood lamp

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The UV-400 SuperFlood lamp has a 400-W metal halide bulb that produces 365-nm light of 6500 µW/cm2 at the lamp's center, measured at a 38-cm distance. It can provide high intensity over an area as large as 61 x 26 cm. A twin-filter system eliminates harmful UV-B radiation at 280-320 nm. It includes a built-in mounting device.
Spectronics Corp., Westbury, NY

Optical switches

Nanoshutter optical switches combine silicon MEMS switches with a silica-on-silicon waveguide process. Available are wideband 1 x 2 and 2 x 2 optical switches, with or without integrated monitoring taps, as well as wideband 1 x 4, 1 x 8, and 1 x 16 switches.
Nanovation Technologies, Miami, FL

Communications oscilloscope

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The 86100A Infiniium 50-GHz oscilloscope also functions as a digital communications analyzer. It has integrated optical and electrical receivers for measuring and characterizing lightwave communications waveforms, covering standard rates for SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel up to 10 Gbyte/s.
Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA

Optic glasses

Two rare-earth-doped integrated optic laser glasses are available for fabrication of active guided wave structures by potassium and silver ion exchange. They can be used to construct lasers with output >200 mW. IOG-1 is a sodium-aluminum-phosphate-based glass; available dopants include neodymium, thulium, erbium, and ytterbium. IOG-10 is a mixed alkali-zinc-silicate glass that can be doped with erbium or ytterbium.
Schott Glass Technologies, Duryea, PA

LDA signal processors

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The BSA F70 and BSA F50 signal processors measure flow using laser Doppler anemometry. The F70 has 160-MHz Doppler frequency for high-velocity measurement and 120-MHz bandwidth for measurement in high turbulence flows. Both devices have 8-bit sampling of Doppler burst, true FFT signal processing, a multibit digital burst detector based on signal-to-noise ratio and amplitude, and Ethernet interface.
Dantec Measurement Technology, Skovlunde, Denmark

Laser distance sensor

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The BOD-26 laser distance sensor measures object position to a resolution of 80 µm. It uses a laser dot size of 0.9 mm at 65 mm and has a sensing range of 45 to 85 mm. It uses 18 to 28 Vdc and has an analog output voltage of 0 to 10 Vdc that corresponds to target distance.
Balluff, Florence, KY

Sapphire optical fiber

A 75-µm, single-crystal, c-axis, OD sapphire optical fiber is designed for use in medical procedures that require precise removal of hard and soft tissues. The nontoxic, biocompatible fiber handles transmission wavelengths from visible to beyond 3 µm. It has a laser damage threshold of 1200 J/cm2 and can be sterilized with standard medical techniques.
Saphikon, Milford, NH


A line of LEDs comes in a wide variety of standard through-hole versions and comparable surface mount packages. They come as top- or side-emitting lights in configurations including two-lead, right angle, bi-color (with two or three leads), and rectangular. They are available in different colors, intrinsic brightnesses, and viewing angles.
Gilway Technical Lamp, Woburn, MA

Laser exposure meter

The ANSI version of the LaserMPE portable laser exposure meter calculates maximum allowable exposure of the eye to laser radiation according to the American National Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers. It can measure safety of CW and pulsed lasers in the laboratory or the field. Two measurement heads to cover the ranges from 400 to 950 nm and 950 to 1600 nm are available.
Precision-Optical Engineering, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England

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