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March 1, 2003
Polarizing cube beamsplitters; Wavelength/bandwidth measurement option; IR discrete LEDs; MORE...

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Polarizing cube beamsplitters

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Tech Spec high-efficiency polarizing cube beamsplitters reflect s-polarized light at a 90º angle while transmitting p-polarized light through the cube. The beamsplitters are designed for laser wavelengths of 850, 780 and 632.8 nm and are available in cube sizes of 15 or 25 mm.
Edmund Industrial Optics, Barrington, NJ
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Wavelength/bandwidth measurement option

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The new OMU-953 polarization-dependent center wavelength (PDCW) and polarization-dependent bandwidth (PDBW) measurement options are now available for the CSA-2004 component spectrum analyzer system. This option, incorporating a new proprietary algorithm, enables PDCW and PDBW measurements to be made simultaneously with insertion loss and PDL measurements.
dBm Optics, Boulder, CO
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IR discrete LEDs

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A new line of LEDs produces IR emissions in the 850-, 880- and 940-nm wavelengths. They are available in T1 (3 mm), T1.75 (5 mm) and SMT (3.4 × 8 mm) sizes. The IR LEDs are designed for use with night vision goggles, surveillance cameras, medical imaging, recognition and calibration systems.
LEDtronics, Torrance, CA
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3-D scanning system

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The new PPT861-SH is a high-speed, automated 3-D and 2-D inspection system. It utilizes patented SMI (scanning moiré interferometry) 3-D technology to allow 100% production inspection of devices in strip format, including BGA, CSP, and LGA. Designed for rapid changeovers, this inline or batch processing system is intended for small-lot production or high-volume applications.
PPT Vision, Eden Prairie, MN
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CCD camera

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The Photometrics Quantix:7899 CCD camera provides over 4 million pixels in a photoactive array measuring 28 x 28 mm. The 12-bit, 5-MHz camera features a scientific grade, front-..illuminated device with peak QE spanning from 650 to 800 nm. A proprietary Metachrome II response-enhancement coating can be applied to extend detector sensitivity into the UV.
Roper Scientific, Tucson, AZ
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Optical variable attenuator

A new MEMS-based OVA component provides a compact, low-cost, electronically adjustable optical attenuator for WDM system integration. The unit is available in 1-, 4-, and 8-channel packages. Individual channels have a 30-dB linear attenuation range with >0.1-dB resolution and operate using a 5-V DC supply. Insertion loss is 0.8 dB and PDL is <0.2 dB.
Santec, Aichi, Japan
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UV polarizers

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A new line of UV Glan Taylor polarizers provide an extinction ratio >1 × 10-6 for use in applications ranging down to 200 nm. The components are made with rare natural crystal calcite, a material with high UV transmission and low scatter.
Optarius, Wiltshire, England
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Nd:YVO4 lasers

High-repetition rate Nd:YVO4, solid-state lasers have been added to the ACE series of lasers. The MOPA models have laser oscillators utilizing proprietary electro-optical Q-switching and operate from 0 to 50 kHz to provide sub-ns timing jitter. The new models include a high gain (×10) Nd:YVO4 amplifier in the laser head and provide a maximum average power to >1 W.
Advanced Optical Technology, Essex, England
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Fiber-inspection system

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The VF-20 is an interferometric inspection system designed for checking the quality and end angle of cleaved or polished optical fibers. The system, based on a Michelson interferometer, offers a long working distance to eliminate the risk of damage to the fiber end. Both perpendicular and angled fibers can be measured using removable precision fiber holders.
Arden Photonics, Solihull, United Kingdom
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Programmable current source

The ADN8810 is a fully integrated, single-chip programmable precision current source for tunable lasers in optical networks and instrument applications. The source is able to drive different laser sections by scaling its output current for laser front mirror, back mirror, and gain, while interfacing to the host system over a serial interface.
Analog Devices, Norwood, MA
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Picosecond pulsed laser diode

A new 375-nm ps pulsed diode laser is designed for integration into systems for time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC). The laser has pulses <70 ps (FWHM), a repetition rate from a single shot to 40 MHz, an average power of 0.3 mW (at 40 mHz), and a peak power of up to 100 mW.Photonic Solutions, Edinburgh, ScotlandWrite in 210 or go to

Elliptical LEDs

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New LP476 series LEDs, manufactured by Cotco, are now available. Offered in a P4, piranha-type package, the LEDs feature a unique elliptical lens that produces a viewing angle of 90º × 35º. The LED uses AlGaInP and InGaN technology and provides intensities up to 4000 mlm.
Marktech Optoelectronics, Menands, NY
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CO2 slab laser

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The new DC 050 W is a CO2 diffusion-cooled slab laser with an average output power of 5000 W. It has a beam quality of K ≥0.9 to provide narrow, deep seams with minimal heat distortion. Based on patented CO2 slab laser technology, the laser requires no gas circulation and has a single diamond window as its transmitting lens. The laser is designed for welding applications.
Rofin, Hamburg, Germany
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Thermal-imaging camera

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The DI-5000 Pan & Tilt Thermal Imager for mid-range perimeter and security surveillance, manufactured by Digital Infrared Imaging, are now being offered. The thermal-imaging camera systems are designed to mount on vehicles or buildings. The system uses uncooled microbolometer focal-plane array technology.
Bfi OPTiLAS International, Evry, France
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Photoelectric sensors

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The new ELF Series Photoelectric Sensors integrates ASIC technology in a compact package. ELF models include a reflex retroreflective version, a background suppression version with a detection range up to 50 mm and an energetic version with a detection range up to 100 mm. Features include light immunity, reverse polarity protection, overload protection, and short-circuit protection.
SICK, Minneapolis, MN
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Laser-diode driver

The Model 7701A high-power OEM laser driver is designed to drive pulsed or CW diode loads for DPSS laser applications. The driver can be configured for output currents up to 300-A peak (10-µs risetime) or 50-A CW into diode loads up to 280 V. The DB-25 interface connector allows external control of CW/pulsed-mode operation, pulsewidth, enable, current amplitude, current monitor, load-voltage monitor and crowbar input/output functions.
Analog Modules, Longwood, FL
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Bend-insensitive fiber

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A new line of bend-insensitive fiber is designed for improved bend performance in reduced-radius applications. The fiber uses a moderately higher NA than standard single-mode telecom fibers. It delivers a lower bend loss at 1310 and 1550 nm without ..significantly affecting splicing performance. The fiber is available in 125- or 80-µm-clad diameter.
StockerYale, Salem, NH
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Multifiber systems

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The single-mode OGI multifiber system is a patented, high-density panel-mount and backplane feed-through system. It includes multifiber cable assemblies, multifiber ruggedized fan-out assemblies, panel-mount ..couplings, daughter-card couplings, and backplane couplings. Innovative system features include eye protection, EMI shielding, and high-density fiberoptic connectivity.
3M, Austin, TX
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Photon counter

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The Rate Meter PRM-400 is a dual-precision counter/timer-rate meter with a pulse rate of >500 MHz. It offers a time base from 10 µs to 10 sec, 2-ns pulse-pair resolution and a GPIB, parallel, RS-232 interface. The counter has TTL, ECL, and NIM inputs, and 40-bit-deep counters. Applications include photon counting, spectroscopy, surface analysis, and depth profiling.
Advanced Research, Wheat Ridge, CO
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Ti:sapphire laser system

The Model CPA-2061 chirped-pulse amplified Ti:sapphire laser system produces 1-mJ pulses at 3 kHz and >500 µJ at repetition rates between 3 and 6 kHz. This fully integrated system includes a diode-pumped seed laser, pulse stretcher, Ti:sapphire regenerative amplifier, pulse compressor, and Nd:YAG-kHz pump-laser head in a compact housing.
Clark-MXR, Dexter, MI
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Microscope fiberoptic coupler

A universal fiberoptic microscope coupler is designed to collect emissions spectra. It connects to any microscope via a C-mount port and then couples the microscope output to a fiberoptic bundle for connection to a spectral analyzer. The coupler includes a mount that will accommodate a variety of 0.5-in. optics including filters, polarizers, or apertures. Applications include multispectral analysis, FRET, histology, and quantum-dot sensors.
C Technologies, Cedar Knolls, NJ
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X-ray inspection system

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The VJ 1000 LP system is a high-resolution x-ray inspection system designed for the surface-mount assembly and semiconductor packaging markets. The system uses a 75 kV x-ray source with digital control and incorporates proprietary Nexus-100 image-acquisition software. Maximum sample size is 18 × 27 in. The system provides high-resolution images of BGAs, micro BGAs, and other array devices.
VJ Electronix, Bohemia, NY
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Mirror mounts

LEES mirror mounts include LM1, LM2, and LM3 optic mounts with a unique aluminum base design and plate options. RB1 and RB2 riser bases are available for height adjustments of the LM1, LM2, and LM3 mounts.
Linos Photonics, Milton Keynes, England
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