Project to support development of UVC LEDs for COVID-19 disinfection

Jan. 15, 2021
The UV Accelerator project will facilitate the development of products and solutions that utilize UVC LEDs for disinfection and a safer working environment in a post COVID-19 world.

Asahi Kasei (Tokyo, Japan) and Crystal IS (Green Island, NY; an Asahi Kasei company) have received the second round of funding for their UV Accelerator initiative to support the development of new disinfection products that use UVC LEDs. Following the successful funding of two companies in the first round, this endeavor again strives to team up with innovative companies that have exciting ideas for new applications of UVC LEDs in a post COVID-19 world by providing investments of up to $250,000 per company.

Led by Dr. Steven Berger, Managing Director at Asahi Kasei America and former CEO of Crystal IS, the UV Accelerator has been established as a proactive measure for developing solutions that can be used to stop the spread of deadly viruses and bacteria and help provide information to further contribute to the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

Asahi Kasei, at its sole discretion, will fund successful applicants up to $250,000 per company to support and accelerate product development. Crystal IS will provide engineering expertise for the design and control of the UVC LED light source as necessary. Applications are currently being accepted and screened for organizations with ideas for UVC LED-based disinfection products, and discussions are expected to begin in March 2021.

In the first round of the UV Accelerator, many creative ideas for UVC-based products were received and as a result, two investment awards were made. In this second round, the UV Accelerator is again looking for creative product ideas, but particularly encourages ideas on how UVC-based hardware and software can be safely used to help people, be they employees or customers, become comfortable with returning to offices or commercial buildings.

The UV Accelerator is an ongoing project that strives to attract new partnerships from countries around the globe to help create a safer world.

Source: Asahi Kasei America press release via PR Newswire – January 12, 2021

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