HÜBNER Photonics opens new facility to manufacture quantum & AR lasers

The new facility will help them meet the growing demand they see for tunable single-frequency laser sources.

The new laser facility is opened in Kassel, Germany.
The new laser facility is opened in Kassel, Germany.
HÜBNER Photonics

In order to support the growth of HÜBNER Photonics (Kassel, Germany), the youngest division of the HÜBNER Group, a new facility for research, development and manufacturing of laser technology has been established at the HÜBNER headquarters in Kassel. The new facility, the HÜBNER Photonics HUB Kassel, was officially opened on 28 June 2019 in the presence of staff and representatives from the photonics industry.

Worldwide HÜBNER Photonics has four different locations, with laser manufacturing operations at Cobolt in Stockholm and in Kassel, and sales offices in San Jose, CA and Southampton, UK. “We are very glad to now have access to expanded and dedicated facilities in Kassel for development and manufacturing of the C-WAVE product line. With this new facility we will be able to meet the growing demand we see for these tunable single-frequency laser sources, in particular for use in Quantum technology research and in production of holographic optical elements for augmented reality [AR] applications,” said Håkan Karlsson, head of HÜBNER Photonics.

The C-WAVE laser technology was developed in a collaboration between HÜBNER and the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques (IPM) in Freiburg and the unique features of this advanced laser source are now gaining more and more attention on the market. “With the tunable laser light source C-WAVE we have accomplished a truly innovative development in the field of laser technology,” remarks Thorsten Sprenger, head of the Photonics activities at the Kassel location.

SOURCE: Hübner Photonics; https://www.hubner-photonics.com/hubner-photonics-expands-laser-research-and-production-facilities/

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