Applied Energetics gets contract for frequency-agile fiber laser system for defense

July 15, 2019
In addition, AE has acquired some assets of Applied Optical Sciences, aiding AE's ultrashort-pulse (USP) laser development.

Directed-energy weapons developer Applied Energetics (AE; Tucson, AZ; OTCQB: AERG) has been awarded a multiphase program contract by an unnamed top-ten global defense contractor to develop a frequency-agile fiber laser system. The contract spans feasibility analysis, proof of principle, initial system design, and lab-based test and evaluation of the fiber laser system, which will rely on various nonlinear optical processes to achieve laser output across multiple bands in the electromagnetic spectrum.

The system could also be coupled to currently deployed technologies to assist in a number of critical U.S. Department of Defense mission areas, says AE, and has potential as well for multiple advanced commercial applications. At the request of the customer, further details about the contract are considered confidential, notes Applied Energetics.

“We are extraordinarily proud to have the opportunity to further develop next-generation laser technologies for potential DoD applications,” says Gregory Quarles, president and chief executive officer of AE. “This award is an exciting opportunity for us to capitalize on the advances we’ve made in engineering and is an important milestone in our commitment to continue providing superior advanced technology solutions for both defense and commercial applications.”

Quarles joined AE earlier this year; He is well-known in the optics and photonics community, as he had previously spent six years with The Optical Society (OSA; Washington, DC) as a board member and then as OSA’s chief scientific officer. In addition to his previous work at OSA, Quarles was the founder of Opto-Electronic Management Network in Tucson, a private consulting firm specializing in the laser and materials industry focusing on public policy, defense, and commercial executive oversight of optics and photonics-based research and production.

Acquisition of some AOS assets

In other news, AE has acquired certain assets of Applied Optical Sciences (AOS; also in Tucson), which develops photonic devices in a range of areas, including ultrashort pulse (USP) laser development. One of AE’s product areas is USP laser systems for materials processing, sciences, and defense.

In addition to advanced lasers for defense, aerospace, industrial, and scientific customers, AE develops high-voltage electronics, advanced optical systems, and integrated guided-energy systems for the same markets. The company says its technology is protected by 25 patents and 11 additional Government Sensitive Patent Applications (GSPAs). AE’s 11 GSPAs are held under secrecy orders of the U.S. government and allow AE greatly extended protection rights, according to the company.

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