Mitsubishi introduces AI-enabled fiber lasers for plate cutting

March 25, 2021
Intuitive artificial intelligence (AI) technology on the fiber laser cutter series simplifies its use for operators of all skill levels.

Faster and more-stable processing, lower operating cost, and advanced gas reduction for maximized profitability are a few of the advantages offered by the GX-F ADVANCED Series of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled fiber lasers from MC Machinery Systems (Elk Grove Village, IL), a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corp.

Intuitive AI technology on the fiber laser cutter series simplifies its use for operators of all skill levels, which is especially valuable because of the ongoing shortage of skilled manufacturing workers. The series delivers more power while using up to 77% less nitrogen.

AI-assisted laser cutting from high processing stability with superior beam-quality consistency and no setup time between materials as a result of real-time on-site and remote monitoring of the cutting process. If a bad cut is detected, the machine will make the required adjustments to improve or regain the cut. It also can optimize the cutting speed in all plates, no matter the plate quality.

The Mitsubishi zoom head delivers speed and flexibility by automatically changing the beam size, shape, and focal point for each material, with the ability to process plates with a wide range of thicknesses. Piercing time is reduced by as much as 60%, making it possible to pierce a 25-mm-thick mild steel plate within 0.8 s.

The GX-F ADVANCED Series can be integrated with a wide variety of automation systems that increase productivity and reliability, including material storage, material loading, material removal, and part sorting.

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