IDEA! Conference seeks laser processing experts as speakers

Jan. 29, 2021
Presented by Industrial Laser Solutions, this conference will be part of November’s Manufacturing & Technology Show in Cleveland, OH.

The Industrial Design, Engineering & Automation (IDEA!) Conference, presented by Machine Design and Industrial Laser Solutions, is looking for speakers on a wide range of engineering and design topics for its event scheduled to take place November 9-11, 2021, in Cleveland, OH. IDEA! will be presented as part of the larger 2021 Manufacturing & Technology Show, which also will offer IndustryWeek’s Manufacturing & Technology Conference, EHS Today’s Safety Leadership Conference, and a new track on Energy Efficiency & Sustainability.

The event is designed to serve the total manufacturing industry—from effective executive management to efficiency-driven plant leadership, from cutting-edge engineering breakthroughs to world-class safety practices, from process to discrete industries—all in a cohesive conference and expo designed to provide actionable intelligence to fuel process improvement and market dominance.

“We are looking for speakers with practical experience in laser-assisted processing technology implementations for the Laser Assisted Processing IDEAs conference track of the IDEA! Conference,” said David Belforte, Editor in Chief of Industrial Laser Solutions.

Proposals must be submitted by February 19, 2021. Prospective speakers can go to this link, which will provide details on the available speaking roles and other information about the call for papers process.

There are six tracks that will be presented at the IDEA! Conference:

  • Advanced Manufacturing IDEAs: 3D printing, CAD/CAM software, and AR/VR. The emergence of additive manufacturing, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and sophisticated CAD/CAM software give designers and manufacturers a deeper insight into how to turn ideas into products. It also allows designers to optimize their designs and shorten the time to market.
  • Automation IDEAs: Designing systems, material handlings, automated guided vehicles (AGVs). An automated plant creates a safe and productive flow of materials and finished products. It also allows humans to be used to their fullest potential, driving operational efficiency and cost management.
  • IoT IDEAs: Connected systems, sensors, analytics software, and data management. Putting a modern connected plant together requires not just the quality of the individual components, but also the way those components are networked together to deliver the insight manufacturers need to improve their operation.
  • Laser Assisted Processing IDEAs: Offers an efficient, noncontact method for working with a wide variety of materials. It plays a critical role in best manufacturing practices for not only macro-products such as airplanes, but also micro-products such as implantable medical devices. The technology is essential to modern smart manufacturing strategies such as additive manufacturing and helps manufacturers produce higher-quality products at lower cost. This conference deals with the science and technology of smart laser materials processing.
  • Machine Vision IDEAs: Properly deploying machine vision technologies in industrial settings improves product quality and process control, increases productivity, and saves on cost. Automotive, food and beverage, and semiconductors and electronics are just a few examples of manufacturing environments that rely heavily on machine vision systems today. This conference will cover all aspects of machine vision, from introductory descriptions, definitions and concepts to the latest innovations in enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence, non-visible imaging, and 3D imaging technologies.
  • Power & Fluid IDEAs: Motors, drives, electrical systems, hydraulics, and pneumatics. An automated plant creates a safe and productive flow of materials and finished products. It also allows humans to be used to their fullest potential, driving operational efficiency and cost management.
  • To learn more about the IDEA! Conference, the other associated conferences, as well as sponsorship opportunities, go to this link.
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