F-theta lens for laser material processing debuts

Oct. 7, 2020
The LINOS Telecentric F-Theta-Ronar 250 mm lens for 515–540 nm wavelengths includes finite element method (FEM) simulation.
Excelitas Linos F Theta Lens

The LINOS F-Theta-Ronar lenses from Excelitas Technologies (Waltham, MA) for laser material processing guarantee good processing results over the entire working field according to customer production requirements in laser additive manufacturing, welding, drilling, fine blanking, plastic welding, structuring/perforating, labeling, and cleaning.

Now, the company has introduced its LINOS Telecentric F-Theta-Ronar 250 mm lens for 515540 nm wavelengths, which is said to be the first standard F-theta lens to include finite element method (FEM) simulation. Features of the 250 mm lens include an interchangeable, coated protective glass made of fused silica and advanced mounting technologies for a large telecentric scan field.

For more information, please visit excelitas.com.


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