Medical technology field benefits from laser welding of plastics

June 11, 2020
Since laser welding is particle-free, clean, and free of additives, it is the first choice in this sector.

The laser is now an established tool in many areas of production because of its high precision, localized energy input, and cleanliness. The process works particle-freetherefore, it is predestined for production in cleanrooms in industries such as medical technology. To that end, Evosys Laser (Erlangen, Germany), a specialist for laser welding of plastics, manufactures tailor-made machines in this field.

Medical devices and consumables can be manufactured hygienically by laser. There is a trend towards smart solutions for the end customer, especially in the area of point-of-care and drug-delivery systems. These solutions require a high packing density for necessary and sensitive electronics and mechatronics. For the final assembly of such systems, usually only adhesive bonding or laser welding is used. Since laser welding is particle-free, clean, and free of additives, it is the first choice in this sector.  

Laser welding with a wavelength of 2 µmis particularly exciting for medical products because no additive is required. So-called clear-clear welding can be used for many common materials (polypropylene, methyl methacrylate-acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, and cyclic olefin copolymer) and is suitable for the production of microfluidics. Also due to the constant development of new treatment methods, the importance of reliable production processes is rapidly increasing in the healthcare sector. Evosys systems are easy to ensure production according to GMP standards and offer ideal conditions for mastering the most demanding tasks.
The EVO 2800 system from Evosys Laser enables fast and uncomplicated implementation of laser welding applications in medical technology.(Credit: Evosys Laser)  

The EVO 2800 system, for example, is particularly suitable for use in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. It can be used to produce sterile packaging, microfluidic components, and lab-on-a-chip systems. Both manual loading by an operator and automatic loading by a handling or robot system are possible. The laser welding system also allows comprehensive documentation and is characterized by reliability. 

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