BeamIT invests in fourth EOS additive manufacturing system

Oct. 9, 2019
Additive manufacturing services provider BeamIT has installed its fourth EOS M 400-4 quad-laser system from EOS for producing high-quality metal parts.
Additive manufacturing services provider BeamIT (Fornovo di Taro, Italy) has installed its fourth EOS M 400-4 quad-laser system from EOS (Krailling, Germany) for producing high-quality metal parts. The system will be used in manufacturing applications for the oil and gas industry.
BeamIT has been using EOS additive manufacturing technology since 2017, when it was the first company in Italy to use the EOS M 400 system, the “sister system" of the EOS M 400-4.

The EOS M 400-4 system offers a large building volume of 400 × 400 × 400 mm. The system incorporates four 400 W lasers, multiplying the capacity of the EOS M 290 system with one 400 W laser while ensuring direct-metal laser sintering (DMLS) quality. EOS M 290 processes can be transferred to the EOS M 400-4 while retaining equivalent part properties. 

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