Pulse Systems invests in laser cutting technology

May 23, 2017
Pulse Systems has made a significant investment in a Tsugami laser cutting system.

Pulse Systems (Concord, CA), a subsidiary of medical device contract manufacturing company United American Healthcare Corporation (Chicago, IL), has made a significant investment in a Tsugami laser cutting system. The investment is cost-effective for medical device product developers, and increases efficiency by combining computer numerical control (CNC) machining and laser cutting in one setup.

The Tsugami laser combines Swiss screw machine and laser tube cutting system features by adding a fiber laser cutting head to a standard screw machine. The laser is able to cut thin wall materials, and offer the conventional turning and milling capabilities of a Swiss screw machine.

The laser is equipped to run materials (tubing or solid bar) in sizes from 0.8 to 20mm in diameter. The particular Swiss laser configuration that Pulse Systems has implemented was developed to the company's specifications, and is capable of 11 axes of motion.

Designs that previously would have required costly secondary operations can now be fabricated in a single setup for production. For prototyping, especially in materials not commonly available as tubing (such as titanium or non-standard stainless steel alloys), laser-cut prototypes can be produced from solid bar by drilling and turning prior to laser cutting, eliminating the need for custom ordering of expensive and long-lead-time tube materials.

For more information, please visit www.pulsesystems.com.

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