Disk lasers

April 17, 2017
A new generation of TruDisk disk lasers features a control system that, during processing, measures multiple parameters using a broad array of sensors.

A new generation of TruDisk disk lasers from TRUMPF (Ditzingen, Germany) features the company's CPX control system that, during processing, measures multiple parameters using a broad array of sensors, including the actual laser output at microsecond intervals, all internal and external signal characteristics, the utilization rate of the beam source, and the condition of additional components. A Precision Time Protocol feature synchronizes all the sensors and provides them with an identical time stamp. The lasers are available for laser outputs between 3 and 5kW, with fiber core diameters between 100 and 600µm. They integrate a smart cooling system that enables the use of cooling water at feed temperatures up to 26°C, eliminating the need for an external cooling unit in the majority of cases.

For more information, please visit www.trumpf.com/en.

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