Adding a high-volume capability for laser-cut tubing, Resonetics acquires Aduro Laser

Aug. 28, 2017
Aduro Laser processes tubular components for the medical device industry using laser cutting.

Laser micromachining specialist Resonetics (Nashua, NH) has acquired Aduro Laser (Davis, CA), which processes tubular components for the medical device industry using laser cutting.

Resonetics will market Aduro's spiral cut tubing service as PRIME Laser Cut Tubing, a solution for quick-turn and high-volume laser-cut tubing used extensively in catheter delivery systems, Nitinol implants, and single-use instruments.

"PRIME Laser Cut tubing is already being adopted by leading companies in structural heart, peripheral vascular, and minimally invasive surgery markets," says Tom Burns, Resonetics' CEO. The company will expand capacity with a new facility, additional equipment, and more engineering resources as well, he says.

With the acquisition, Aduro will change its name to Resonetics.

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