Beer glass update

July 3, 2007
July 2--Independent research validates effectiveness of laser etched nucleation site on bottom of Sam Adams pint glass!

July 2--In the April issue of Industrial Laser Solutions we presented an article on the design and manufacture of a new beer glass that claims to enhance the drinking experience of a Samuel Adams Boston Lager. A dime-sized nucleation site laser etched into the bottom of the glass is intended to keep a head on the beer.

ILS Sales Coordinator Thomas Markley conducted some independent research with the glass last weekend and provided the following report: "On Sunday I got a few hours of alone time to read the paper, watch baseball, and drink beer, and I was able to really check the glass out. I was skeptical but I must admit that the beer stays much fresher than in a regular pint glass. It stays colder and the beer does not get flat when you get to the bottom. Bubbles stream up from the bottom the entire time and the head never completely goes away. After one day of intense research my conclusion is: this thing really works!"

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