Call for papers at LiM 2011

Sept. 22, 2010
Erlangen, Germany – From lab to production hall at the speed of light:  Knowledge transfer is the target at LiM – Lasers in Manufacturing 2011 on May 23 to 26, 2011, in Munich.

Erlangen, Germany – From lab to production hall at the speed of light: Knowledge transfer is the target at LiM – Lasers in Manufacturing 2011 on May 23 to 26, 2011, in Munich.

LiM 2011 - organized by the German Scientific Laser Society (WLT e.V.) - focuses on the latest developments as well as future trends in the field of laser material processing and production technology. Dealing with nano-, micro- and macro-process engineering, system technology, and process optimization, LiM 2011 addresses those interested in the potential of lasers in these application.

As LiM 2011 is a part of the World of Photonics Congress (WoP) 2011, there are joint sessions coordinated in order to highlight topics at the interface of the thematic areas covered by the participating conferences.

To achieve the aim of organizing an inspiring conference, your input is needed:

It’s up to you ...
... to submit as a researcher a scientific contribution that enriches the content of the LiM.
... to highlight the industrial point of view by submitting an application-oriented contribution.
... to join as a participant of the network of experts in the field of photonic technologies.

The deadline for the submission of extended abstracts is December 16, 2010.

Please note that submitted scientific contributions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Accepted papers will be visible on Elsevier’s Physics Procedia. This e-only journal provides worldwide free access to your contribution on ScienceDirect.

For detailed information and for the submission of contributions, please visit LiM

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