LASYS deferred until spring 2008

March 27, 2006
March 27--The new date is the result of a request by the trade fair advisory panel and market considerations. The debut event will be held in Stuttgart from March 4 to 6, 2008.

March 27--The new date for LASYS is the result of a request by the trade fair advisory panel and market considerations. The debut event will be held in Stuttgart from March 4 to 6, 2008.

LASYS will become an important international platform for all suppliers of systems solutions in the field of laser materials processing when it is held every two years from spring 2008 onwards. This has been agreed by Messe Stuttgart and the trade fair advisory panel for LASYS. The deferment of the date of the trade fair was made in response to a request by the members of the advisory panel to adjust the trade fair calendar. Consequently, LASYS will not be held too close to the dates of other laser trade fairs.

LASYS will aim to provide trade visitors with answers to questions relating to the application of laser systems in industrial production: what systems and processes with their related components are suitable for what materials? What can be used most economically in what production industry? The focal point for visitors at the debut event will be the main customer industries, i.e. the motor vehicle construction and automotive component supply industry, mechanical engineering and plant construction, the metalworking industry, and precision engineering, as the main users.

"We are planning to gradually extend the visitor target groups in the medium term because the potential applications of lasers for practically every industry are almost inexhaustible and have by no means been exploited to the full," said Sandy Zorn, project manager LASYS. "We will primarily emphasize specific applications for these industries. The subject of LASYS will be different to that at other trade fairs. The above-mentioned industries are very well represented in Baden-Wurttemberg and account for a large proportion of the companies domiciled in this region. Stuttgart is therefore an ideal location for a trade fair on the subject of laser material processing."

The target for LASYS is still the same despite the later date. "We are expecting around 130 exhibitors and 5000 trade visitors from Germany and other countries at the debut event," said Zorn. LASYS will have an international character right from the very beginning. "In addition to Germany, the most important key countries in terms of exhibitors and visitors include Switzerland, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and Austria. The USA, Japan,and China are also important markets."

The industry has been waiting for a trade fair such as LASYS. This fact is demonstrated by the number of inquiries that Zorn has already received despite the lack of any significant advertising measures for LASYS to date. "We have never experienced this before with any other trade fair," she said.

However, LASYS will be more than just an exhibition for laser applications. A first-class user-oriented accompanying program focusing on the trade fair topic is also planned. The accompanying program will include the "Stuttgart Laser Conference (SLT) 2008," one of the most important events in the industry. This conference will be held concurrently with LASYS 2008. Organized by the Stuttgart-based Research Association for Laser Tools (FGSW) and held every two years, the Stuttgart Laser Conference presents innovatons from the field of laser technology, their use in materials processing, and ways to transfer laser technology to production practice. "We have deliberately moved the Stuttgart Laser Conference forward from its traditional date in autumn to spring 2008 in order to make joint use of the synergy effects of LASYS," said Dipl.-Ing. Friedemann Lichtner, the organizer of the event at FGSW.

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