Fianium opens laser micro-materials processing applications lab

June 4, 2009
Collaboration with Summit Photonics set to prove ultrafast fiber lasers as a superior alternative to conventional DPSS lasers

Ultrafast fiber laser manufacturer Fianium announces the opening of its new micro-materials processing applications facility. Based in Portland, OR, the facility enables Fianium to work closely with OEMs to test material samples and highlight the processing results attainable with its range of versatile picosecond fiber laser attributes. Through the facility Fianium will prove ultrafast fiber lasers as a unique and superior solution for laser processing of a diverse range of materials, including materials that have historically proven difficult to process using conventional DPSS lasers, such as polymers, glasses, organic tissue, and reflective metals.

In setting up the facility, Fianium has partnered with photonics engineering services provider Summit Photonics, which is led by 25-year industry veteran Dr. Brian Baird. Dr. Baird has pioneered multiple generations of industry-leading solid state photonics solutions for laser processing of microelectronics, semiconductors, and photovoltaic devices during his career at Summit Photonics and Electro Scientific Industries (ESI). His expert guidance is an ongoing asset for customers using the facility.

As well as proving ultrafast fiber lasers as an efficient alternative to traditional laser solutions, the combined expertise and experience of the Fianium and Summit Photonics teams will be central to the facility's ability to pioneer advanced ultrafast fiber laser processing applications.

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