Gigaphoton to begin shipping the next-generation excimer laser for lithography

Feb. 7, 2012
Oyama, Japan - Gigaphoton is to commence shipping its lastest excimer laser system for lithography in 2Q12.

Oyama, Japan - Gigaphoton, Inc., a major lithography light source manufacturer, will begin shipping the next-generation ArF excimer laser for multi-patterning immersion lithography scanners in the second quarter of 2012.

The powerful GT63A options were designed in response to customers' needs to create additional value by incorporating the four "s" series features: sMPL (Spectrum Multi-Positioning LNM)*1, the first customer approved spectrum control ("focus drilling") technology achieving wider depth of focus; sGRYCOS (Sixty Gigaphoton Recycled Chamber Operation System), a unique chamber technology lowering operating costs; sTGM (Supreme Total Gas Manager), a gas management system achieving higher uptime with less process gas use; and sMONITORING (Smart Monitoring), real-time information management tracking the highest laser stability in the market. These "s" series features are compatible with existing GT60A*2, GT61A, and GT62A models, given they share a truly common platform with the GT63A. The sMPL technology for focus drilling increases laser spectrum control width to 10 times that of conventional technology, creating a greater depth of focus. Focus drilling enables expansion of the lithography process window for contact holes, trenches and vias, not possible with conventional technology, while avoiding negative effects upon critical dimension uniformity (CDU), overlay and productivity. The sMPL technology was tested in a high-volume manufacturing environment in partnership with a leading scanner manufacturer and device manufacturer.

"Our new and enhanced technologies have finally cleared the toughest hurdle, to enhance lithographic performance and throughput at a lower cost with the "s" series features introduced with the GT63A. Gigaphoton's chamber lifetime, focus drilling and gas management capabilities are now the standard for our industry. We believe that we will deliver more added value to our customers by starting shipment of the GT63A and upgrading existing GT60A series lasers. We at Gigaphoton will continue to invest and improve critical DUV technology with leading-edge technologies and support forces. We appreciate the trust and continued support of our customers." said Dr. Yuji Watanabe, president of Gigaphoton.

Since 2000, Gigaphoton has developed and delivered user-friendly, high-performance DUV laser light sources used by major semi-conductor chipmakers in the Pan-Asian, US and European regions. With a global business outlook, Gigaphoton strives to be the world's number-one lithography light source provider, focusing on end-user needs in every phase of its business, from research and development to manufacturing to best-in-class reliability and world-class customer support. In December 2011, Gigaphoton shipped its 1000th excimer laser for semiconductor photolithography


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