Laser cutting replaces water jet at UK metal fabricator

Dec. 12, 2014
Yorkshire Profiles, a metal fabrication and industrial cutting company in the north of the UK, have changed from water jet cutting to a completely laser-based process as of August 2014.

Hessay, York, North Yorkshire, England - Yorkshire Profiles, a metal fabrication and industrial cutting company in the north of the UK, have changed from water jet cutting to a completely laser-based process as of August 2014. This is a sign of the growing industrial investment in laser cutting technology on both a local and national scale, with the Yorkshire based company having clients both in the county and across the country.

Since founding in 2001, the company has slowly seen the improved accuracy, efficiency and quality of cuts offered by laser cutting in comparison to the often unreliable and limited nature of water jet. Now, with the addition of the Amada F-1 CO2laser cutting system to their machinery, the company has been able to further reduce costs to clients and compete on a mass production scale.

The Amada F-1 has provided a number of invaluable features to the production process. The twin adaptive optics have meant that the often lengthy process of changing lenses for a number of different material thicknesses has been made a thing of the past. Likewise, the automatic nozzles ensure a much lower cleaning time for the machinery, and the lower energy usage has allowed for lower running costs. All this has contributed to the company’s ability to offer 24/7 production, with a much quicker and more precise production.

Over the past year, the water jet system began to hinder production times, preventing the company not only from progressing, but also from completing their current tasks to the high standards for which they are known. When the company was first founded, they were plagued with operational difficulty with the maintenance of their water jet, and the downtime involved with the nozzle and pump.

While admittedly, the water jet provided Yorkshire Profiles with the ability to cut thicker materials, the client base had little demand for fabrication of thicker materials, instead preferring the lower costs and efficiency offered by the laser cutting. These factors led to Yorkshire Profiles finally replacing the Water Jet, in favor of following the increased potential profits and client base offered with the laser technology. Selling this system will help to raise funds to further improve their metal folding, fabricating and cutting parts production.

The company is also in process of installing a fiber laser cutter, further improving productivity and energy efficiency. With a reported energy reduction of 30-40% in this year alone, they’re not only providing a superior quality product, but reducing their environmental impact too.

This article was written by Rachel Jensen on behalf of Yorkshire Profiles.

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