Learn laser basics at laser technology short course at LASYS 2014

March 21, 2014
The central tenets of laser material processing will be taught during a 2-day short course at LASYS 2014 on June 25-26 in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart, Germany - Newcomers will have an easy road to travel to learn about the field of laser technology during LASYS 2014, the International Trade Fair for Laser Material Processing. That's because WLT e.V. (the German Scientific Laser Society) is staging the workshop "Short Course - Basics of Lasers and Laser Material Processing" for the third time in succession during LASYS 2014. This Short Course at LASYS 2014 will be held on the mornings of June 25-26, the last two days of the three-day trade fair at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre.

"The Short Course attracted large crowds in the past since the contents of our program capture precisely the spirit of the times. The participants mostly appreciate the standard of the talks because they cover the exact requirements of the participants and provide a general overview of the possibilities of laser technology without getting bogged down in scientific details," said Prof. Andreas Ostendorf, president of WLT and the responsible Conference Director.


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The Short Course is mainly aimed at novices the field of laser material processing who want to gain a good insight and overview of what lasers can actually do. Renowned laser institutes and companies will be represented by competent speakers who will pass on their many years of knowledge.

Two key topics
The two key topics this year will be laser material processing on June 25 and laser system technology and laser beam sources on June 26.

The practical application of laser technology will be described in detail. The emphasis will be on laser machining of larger components, e.g., laser welding, laser cutting, or laser coating. Precision laser material processing in electronics production and precision engineering will also be highlighted. During the fourth talk, the course participants will learn about the new opportunities in production engineering through rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. Other topics on the workshop agenda will include monitoring of laser processes and related product quality assurance. Finally, the VDI Technology Centre will show the ways in which government funding can be obtained.

On the second day, newcomers will learn the basic principles of lasers, the characteristics and performance of ultra-high beam laser sources, and the use and advantages of pulsed laser technology. Other talks will examine the different possibilities of beam shaping and beam control, as well as the numerous variants of system technology for laser processing. The topics of laser safety and occupational safety when dealing with laser systems will also be illustrated.

"Anyone attending the two workshop days will obtain an excellent basis to better assess the relevance of laser technology for industrial production processes and will acquire a good overview of what is now possible with different laser systems," said Dr. Cemal Esen, managing director of WLT, who will also act as a speaker.

The talks will be held in Room C 6.2. at the International Congress Center Stuttgart (ICS). Every key topic and workshop day can also be individually booked. A day ticket will cost €94.00 and a combined ticket for both days €180.00. Short Course registration information.

LASYS 2014 accompanying program
LASYS is an important trade fair for the laser material processing industries and is an excellent advanced training and information platform as shown by its varied accompanying program. In addition to the Short Course, there will be the Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum 2014, the technical forum "Lasers in Action,” the Stuttgart Laser Marketplace and, for the first time, the two focus topics of "Robotics & Automation" and "Laser additive manufacturing.”

Other interesting trade fairs relating to the user industries for laser material processing will also be staged concurrently at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre next to the airport: the UKIP automotive trade fairs Engine Expo, Vehicle Dynamics Expo, Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo, and Automotive Interiors Expo, as well as O&S, International Trade Fair for Surface Treatments and Coatings, and parts2clean, an international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning.

Photo: PD Dr.-Ing Cemal from Essen Ruhr University in Bochum was one of the speakers at Lasys 2012. (Courtesy Messe Stuttgart)

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