Configurable fiber laser workstation

March 27, 2014
IPG Photonics has introduced the IX-200-F advanced fiber laser micromachining system for general purpose, R&D, and batch-scale production apps.

Oxford, MA - IPG Photonics Corp. has introduced the IX-200-F, an advanced fiber laser micromachining system for general purpose, R&D, and batch-scale production applications. The multi-function system can easily be configured with different combinations of fiber lasers and beam delivery systems to address high-precision, cutting, drilling and patterning micromachining applications. It represents the optimum combination of IPG's advanced fiber laser and materials micro-processing workstation technologies.

IPG's IX-200-F is a fully enclosed and interlocked CDRH Class 1 system, configurable with a wide range of IPG fiber lasers and fully integrated with the system operating hardware and software. The system core consists of special structural design granite to minimize the effects of vibration and thermal drift on the overall accuracy of the product. The IX-200-F features a high-resolution, high-performance microscope vision system which provides a continuous zoom range from 38X to 880X for submicron automated part alignment and inspection. System software includes macro-building tools for fast programming and generation of automated processes for complex feature machining. Additional utilities allow complex pattern input from standard CSV and DXF files.

The selection of IPG fiber lasers currently supported on the IX-200-F includes pulsed IR to >500 watts and pulsed green up to 50 watts as well as UV lasers. Users may select ablation or thermal cutting and scanning or fixed beam delivery configurations. The IX-200-F includes precision, multi-axis part-handling and vision systems for accurate machined feature placement and process control and fully-integrated software enabling both ease of use and highly complex machining functions.

Applications for IPG's IX-200-F include cutting of ceramics, metals, polymers and semiconductor materials and patterning of ITO and other thin-films. Drilling applications include hole diameters down to 15 microns in 300 micron thick ceramics, with placement accuracies of better than 5 microns, at rates of 100 holes per second. The advanced world class applications laboratories of IPG Microsystems located in Manchester, NH USA, provide demonstrations and proof of concept application studies for domestic and international customers.

Top (L-R): FR-4, ITO; Bottom (L-R): Al2O3, copper

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