Single-mode green laser for micromachining

Dec. 10, 2008
Coherent single mode green laser offers power for high-throughput silicon micromachining

The AVIA 532-45 from Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) is a diode-pumped, solid-state green laser that delivers diffraction limited output. Specifically, this new laser provides 45W of average power (at 120 kHz) at 532 nm, in a single mode output beam (M2< 1.3).

The combination of high power, high repetition rate, and excellent mode quality make the AVIA 532-45 an ideal source for precision micromachining applications that require both high throughput and precision edge quality (minimized heat affected zone). Examples include singulation of QFN, FBGA, and µSD (MMC) as well as Direct Chip Attach (DCA) type packages. These same characteristics are also advantageous in solar cell processing applications such as edge isolation of crystalline devices, and P2 and P3 scribing of thin film cells.

The AVIA 532-45 incorporates the same high precision pulse control features found in lower power AVIA models. These include PulseEQ to deliver constant pulse energy over time, even with varying repetition rates, and ThermEQ to guarantee uniform pulse energy when the laser is operated in burst mode. These enhance process consistency and flexibility by providing the ability to regulate the energy delivered to the work surface without any change in beam parameters.

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