Laser increases manufacturing capacity at Turbomeca

May 17, 2011
Champlin, Minn. – Prima Power Laserdyne, a manufacturer of precision multi-axis laser machining systems, has received an order from Turbomeca Tarnos (France) for a six-axis Laserdyne 795XS laser system.

Champlin, Minn. – Prima Power Laserdyne, a manufacturer of precision multi-axis laser machining systems, has received an order from Turbomeca Tarnos (France) for a six-axis Laserdyne 795XS laser system.

The Laserdyne 795XS is a six-axis system with a 1m x 1m x 1m work envelope including a 320 mm diameter high accuracy rotary table and Laserdyne’s latest controller, the S94P. This third generation BeamDirector builds on 30 years experience in producing five and more axis laser systems.

By virtue of its compact design, the system provides unmatched access to parts for cutting, drilling, and welding. Taken together, these system components will enhance Turbomeca's capability to provide precision cutting at processing speeds that will allow its plants to remain competitive. This system configuration can also perform welding as well as cutting.

"This is the third Laserdyne system purchased by Turbomeca. It will not only expand their capacity for laser processing, but demonstrates a commitment to employing and benefiting from the latest laser system technology," said Terry L. VanderWert, president of Prima Power Laserdyne. "The order is also significant in that it is further proof that the recovery in turbine engine manufacturing is a worldwide trend. This order follows significant orders in North America and Asia. As a user of Laserdyne products since 2002, Turbomeca and Laserdyne have worked together as partners to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry for manufacturing the next generation of turbine engines."

“Turbomeca is the world leader in the design, production, sale and support of the largest power range of gas turbine engines for helicopters. With over 73 years experience providing propulsion systems for the aerospace industry, Turbomeca personnel understand the requirements for laser processing aerospace parts. They are very effective at judging the value of system features. We believe that their positive evaluation of our latest system technology, with the third generation BeamDirector®, is further evidence of the value of our recent developments,” stated Mr. VanderWert.

Turbomeca Safan is the leading helicopter engine manufacturer and has produced over 68,000 turbines based on its own designs. Dedicated to 2,350 customers in 155 countries, the company provides a proximity service thanks to its 16 sites, 26 maintenance centers, 24 repair & overhaul centers and 90 field representatives and field technicians.

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