Direct-drive z-axis nanopositioning stage

May 6, 2013
Aerotech introduces the ANT-L-Z crossed-roller, z-axis, nanopositioning stages.

Pittsburgh, PA - Aerotech has introduced its ANT-L-Z crossed-roller, Z-axis, nanopositioning stages are the best-in-class in combining speed, accuracy, resolution, repeatability, reliability and size. They are offered in two models (ANT95-L-Z and ANT130-L-Z) and two accuracy grades.

Only noncontact direct-drive technology offers the robust, accurate and high-speed positioning necessary for mass production of precision devices. ANT-L-Z stages utilize advanced direct-drive technology pioneered by Aerotech to achieve the highest level of positioning performance for high-precision positioning, disk-drive fabrication, fiber alignment, optical delay element actuation, sensor testing and scanning processes that demand smooth and precise motion.

ANT-L-Z stages use a nearly frictionless counterbalance mechanism to maintain performance levels while minimizing motor heating. The counterbalance is user-adjustable from 0 to 10 kg, depending on stage model.

The ANT-L-Z family has universal mounting and tabletop patterns that allow for easy system integration. The entire ANT nanopositioner family of linear, rotary, lift, Z-axis and goniometers can be combined for flexible system designs and multi-axis configurations.

The ANT-L-Z stage’s 2 nm minimum incremental step size provides a high level of performance. The in-position stability of less than 2 nm is assisted by high-quality, anti-creep, crossed-roller bearings. These stages offer virtually maintenance-free operation over the life of the product. Aerotech’s direct-drive technology has no hysteresis or backlash, enabling accurate and repeatable nanometer-scale motion.

  • Nanometer performance in a large travel format (25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm travels)
  • High resolution (2 nm), repeatability (75 nm) and accuracy (300 nm)
  • In-position stability of <2 nm
  • Anti-creep crossed-roller bearings
  • High dynamic performance
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