UV, DPSS, and ultrafast lasers

May 13, 2013
Spectra-Physics launches 7 products at Laser World of Photonics this week in Munich.

Santa Clara, CA - Spectra-Physics, a Newport Corp. brand, is introducing 7 new products at Laser World of Photonics this week in Munich.

Products 1 and 2 were announced over the past weeks.

1) Expansion of Excelsior One continuous wave (CW) lasers series with three new wavelengths: 515, 553, and 594 nm

See /content/ils/en/articles/2013/05/compact-lasers-for-bioinstrumentation.html

2) Spirit ps industrial picosecond laser

The Spirit ps 1040-10 industrial-grade picosecond laser is for precision micromachining applications. The new laser delivers high finesse with exceptional beam quality (M2< 1.2), high stability (<1% rms over 100 hours), and short pulse widths (13 ps). The laser is also highly flexible with user-adjustable repetition rates from single shot to 1 MHz and an integrated pulse picker for fast pulse selection and power control. With >10 W average power, the laser is ideal for precision picosecond micromachining applications such as semiconductor and LED manufacturing, flat panel display processing, thin film ablation, and nano structuring.

3) Spirit-OPA optical parametric amplifier

Spirit-OPA is an automated optical parametric amplifier (OPA) specifically optimized for use with Spectra-Physics' Spirit high-repetition-rate ultrafast laser. Spirit and Spirit-OPA together create a versatile and high energy, ultrafast laser system that tunes virtually gap-free from the mid-infrared (mid-IR) to the deep ultraviolet (DUV) with user-adjustable repetition rates from tens of kHz up to 1 MHz. The user-friendly system is ideal for high repetition rate, time-resolved spectroscopy applications such as single molecule studies, nonlinear optics and fluorescence lifetime measurements. Spirit-OPA can be pumped with the Spirit 1040-4 and the recently introduced Spirit 1040-8 laser. Spectra-Physics' Spirit is a high-repetition-rate industrial-grade femtosecond laser.

4) femtoTrain femtosecond oscillator

The new femtoTrain is a high-energy, femtosecond oscillator for two-photon polymerization, bioimaging, and medical applications. It delivers a pulse energy of >350 nJ at a high-repetition rate of 10 MHz in the infrared.

5) Millennia eV 5, 10, and 15 CW DPSS green lasers

The new Millennia eV 5, 10, and 15 are compact, cost-effective, CW diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) green lasers for pumping ultrafast and single-frequency laser systems and for use in certain critical industrial applications. Both lasers are designed, manufactured, and tested to Spectra-Physics' high standards for reliability.

6) Quasar 355-45 UV laser (photo below)

The Quasar 355-45 is a UV laser that delivers a >45W (225 microjoule) at very high repetition rates. The laser features TimeShift technology for pulse shaping and burst-mode operation as well as programmable pulse widths from <5 ns to >100 ns over repetition rates from 0 to 1 MHz – factor of 2 improvements in repetition rate range and minimum pulse width over the recently introduced >40 W Quasar 355-40. Spectra-Physics' new laser has been demonstrated to enable major advances in the fast, precision manufacturing of many types of microelectronic devices and components. Also available is the Quasar 532-75 model featuring >75 W (375 µJ) green output.

7) Explorer One small DPSS UV laser (photo above)

Explorer One is a small, actively Q-switched DPSS UV lasers. The unique "It's in the Box" design combines laser resonator and control electronics into a single housing, making Explorer One a compact and lightweight UV laser. Explorer One lasers are targeted for a variety of applications such as MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, laser micro-dissection, UV plastics marking, stereolithography, FPD repair, and other tasks that require premium performance and extreme durability in a tiny footprint.

This first generation of Explorer One lasers will be available in two versions at 349 and 355 nm wavelengths. Explorer One 349-120 delivers a high pulse energy of >120 µJ at 1 kHz repetition rate. Explorer One 355-300 delivers >300 mW output power at 50 kHz repetition rate. Both lasers have short pulse widths (<5 and <8 ns, respectively) and low pulse energy noise (< 2% and < 3%, respectively) for ultra-stable processes and highest production yields.

The rugged and miniature Explorer One weighs less than 1.5 kg and has been tested to endure bare product shock and vibration with accelerations of up to 100 g, making it suitable for use on moving gantries.

These 7 products will be demonstrated at Laser World of Photonics, booth #560 in Hall B1.

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