Pulsed fiber lasers

April 25, 2013
SPI Lasers introduces a new range of pulsed fiber lasers designed for industrial marking and micromachining applications.

Southampton, UK - SPI Lasers is introducing a new range of pulsed fiber lasers designed for industrial marking and laser micromachining applications. The lasers will be launched at LASER World of Photonics in Munich, Germany, on May 13th, 2013.

In response to the rapid growth in application driven demand for nanosecond pulsed fiber lasers, SPI has significantly increased its pulsed product range to meet customer requirements based on its redENERGY G4 product platform.

To meet the increasing demands for marking, customization and differentiation of consumer goods, notably in the electronic and information appliance arena, SPI is launching a new EP series of 20W pulsed lasers offering significantly extended performance over its existing products. They represent the most versatile fiber laser sources in the market with 40 optimized pulse waveforms in the 3-500ns range, with enhanced pulse energy and peak power performance. This offers users unrivalled flexibility for process optimization for today’s most challenging marking and micro-machining applications. These lasers are available in 3 different beam qualities from single mode to low moded ~2 M2, enabling performance to be matched to specific applications.

For users who are looking for faster processing SPI is launching a new range of high power pulsed fiber lasers offering enhanced capability and productivity for marking and micro-machining. The range features a single mode 50W source with an M2 ~1.3, 0.7mJ max pulse energy and >9kW peak power, targeted at micro cutting, scribing, deep engraving and micro-machining. There is also a 70W high mode M2 ~3.0, 1.25mJ max pulse energy and >20kW peak power, for general marking, deep engraving, dark marking on stainless steel and paint removal.

For basic marking applications SPI is introducing a new 20W RM-Z and a 70W RM-Z fiber laser featuring higher pulse energy and improved beam quality. These lasers offer a 1mJ pulse energy with >12kW peak power, a beam quality of ~1.6 M2 and an operating frequency range of 1-200kHz. The 20W RM-Z is ideally suited to a broad range of metallic and plastic marking applications, while the 70W RM-Z enables higher productivity for general marking, high speed marking, micro cutting and deep engraving.

SPI also offers a water cooled option on some of its redENERGY pulsed fiber lasers, such as its 20W HS-S model, for specialist applications where air cooling can be problematic. Water cooling provides more compact and lighter sources that also benefit from improved stability and no fan noise. Laser processing systems that are deployed in clean-room applications where fans are considered undesirable as they add heat to the environment and potentially blow dust. Laser processing stems requiring multiple laser sources can also benefit from the size and the improved thermal management offered by water cooling.

These lasers all benefit from SPI’s standard 3 year warranty, ethernet connectivity, a rugged IP54 rated beam delivery cable with ILLK connector, and a range of collimated beam diameter outputs.

Dr Jack Gabzdyl, Product Line Manager for SPI’s Pulsed Fiber Lasers says, “We are excited by the new pulsed products that will help us address more of the fast growing marking and rapidly expanding micro-machining application space. Our high power range will offer our customers cost effective productivity increase, while our new EP range will give a new dimension to process optimisation for higher quality results. We believe these lasers will set a new benchmark in terms of parametric performance and ease of use based on the common G4 platform.”

SPI Lasers will be in booth 406 at the Laser World of Photonics, Munich.

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