Multi-kilowatt fiber lasers

April 23, 2013
SPI Lasers launches new range of multi-kW fiber lasers at Laser World of Photonics.

Southampton, UK - SPI Lasers, a wholly owned subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group, will launch a new range of high power multi-kW fiber lasers designed for the industrial MACRO materials processing market at Laser World of Photonics Munich, Germany, on May 13. The new products will be undergoing extensive applications trials through the summer with commercial release scheduled for October 2013.

SPI’s new kW class products extend the range of the redPOWER CW fiber lasers from 1kW up to 3kW. The redPOWER K1 1000 is available as either a high beam-quality single-mode 1kW laser source or as a multimode laser, which together with the higher power redPOWER K1 2000 and redPOWER K1 3000 products, can be configured with output process fibers from 50 to 600 micron diameter.

A unique design feature of the multimode laser products is an innovative beam combiner that enables a plug and play capability for both the individual laser input source units and the output process fiber. With the real-time power-control system providing superior stability and control capability, high modulation bandwidth and hardened back reflection tolerance by design, the laser performance reportedly sets a new benchmark for processing of both bright metals as well as standard steel materials.

The pluggable combiner eliminates the need for a transport fiber and enables straightforward selection of the most appropriate beam quality for the intended application. Rapid replacement of both process fiber and laser source units significantly reduces machine downtime without the need for specialized field service equipment.

SPI’s redCONTROL laser control system technology enables straightforward integration with machine and factory floor control systems, with a wide range of control interface options. An integrated programmable waveform generator can be controlled by internal cutting or welding applications software or synchronized with external hardware controllers.

Andy Appleyard, Product Line Manager for SPI’s High-Power Fiber Lasers says, "We are excited by the capability of extending our product reach into the industrial macro material-processing market. With our new range of kW class redPOWER fiber lasers we have introduced several innovative and application driven features, which we are confident will be extremely well received by our integrators and their end user customers."

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