DeWys Manufacturing adds Amada laser cutting system

Sept. 23, 2013
DeWys Manufacturing Inc. has installed an Amada rotary index laser cutting system for efficiently cutting mid to thick materials.

Marne, MI - DeWys Manufacturing Inc. has invested in a rotary index laser cutting system for efficiently cutting mid to thick materials. This new machine focuses on simplifying the switch from flat sheet cutting to tube or pipe cutting. The system, a FOM2 3015 NT RI Laser, is from Amada America Inc.

The features of the Amada FOM2 3015 laser includes increased sensing speed for faster cutting and plasma resistance in thin material, lens burn detection to stop the machine and alert the operator to possible burn damage to the cutting lens, cut process monitoring for automatic pierce detection as well as plasma detection for think stainless steel and aluminum, auto-focus control, spatter free pierce function for cleaner high-speed piercing in thicker material, and a water assist cutting system for cooling the surface when cutting plate.

DeWys also invested in the automation tower that is an add-on to the FOM2 3015 Laser. This AS 6510 automation tower allows vertical material storage, automatically loading materials into the laser with preprogrammed commands to work around the clock with limited operator intervention. The vertical construction of the AS 6510 produces floor space savings and greater material management logistics.

DeWys Manufacturing provides precision metal fabrication, including a wide range of metal production and assembly capabilities, to a range of clients from office furniture to commercial components.

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