Cincinnati Sub-Zero manages more with CO2 laser system

Jan. 10, 2013
CSZ, a provider of temperature management equipment, can manage more with an Amada sheet-metal laser system.

Cincinnati, OH - Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ), a provider of temperature management equipment for more than 70 years, has installed an Amada FOM2-4222NT 4kW laser system sheet-metal laser system, expanding the company's processing capabilities.

This laser cutting machine will allow for improved specifications, faster cutting times, and continued growth because the FOM2 series from Amada represents the latest in CO2 laser technology along with the latest controller technology. New energy savings features reduce electrical consumption by more than 60% compared to previous models.

"CSZ prides itself on being able to complete every stage of production in-house. Until recently, however, the company had been limited on the size of sheet metal that could be cut: 8 ft. long by 4 ft. wide, maximum. Now operating as large as 12 ft. long by 6 ft. wide, CSZ is able to cut down on welding and offer a broader range of chamber sizes," said operations and facilities manager Alan Scott.

In addition to bigger sizes, there are other added benefits. Throughput will dramatically increase, flexibility with custom orders will improve, and thicker materials can be used.

The purchase of the laser was vital for CSZ's growth, with sales, especially for large walk-in chambers, climbing over the last two years. A broader range of options allows CSZ to meet building demands and continue to provide world class temperature management solutions for its customers.

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