Laser World of Photonics China 2013 attracts 36,000 visitors

March 26, 2013
The Shanghai optics, laser, and photonics event, held last week, also boasted a total of 539 exhibitors from 18 countries.

Shanghai, China - The laser, optics, and photonics industry event, Laser World of Photonics China 2013, closed its doors at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 21. A total of 539 exhibitors from 18 countries on a record exhibition area of 28,750 sq.m., a 25% increase over last year. The 3-day trade show was attended by 36,042 trade visitors and buyers, increasing by 5% and another historical high.

The Photonics Congress China and other accompanying programs featured discussions on advanced lasers, automatic laser processing, laser macroprocessing, laser microprocessing, optics, IR technology, laser safety and other topics. More than 1800 experts and researchers took part to discuss innovations and developments in other laser and optics technology.

As one of the first industry events in the year, Laser World of Photonics China has always been regarded as a preview of the coming year for the industry. The innovations and applications presented at the trade show herald a bright future for the Chinese market, says a release from Messe München International, which organized the show.

"Compared with other trade shows, Laser World of Photonics China is larger and covers a wider range of topics from microprocessing through to macro laser processing. In view of the number of trade visitors and their needs, we can say that the laser processing market still harbors great potential," said Weiguo Fan, GM of the Laser Technology Dept, Shenyang SIASUN Robot & Automation Co., Ltd.

This year, the trade show continued to focus on "innovations and applications in laser and photonics technology," and featured products and solutions in four areas: laser systems for production engineering, lasers and optoelectronics, optics and manufacturing technology for optics, imaging and optical metrology.

Companies from China and abroad showcased the role that laser and photonics technology plays for visitor industries such as metal processing, automobile manufacturing, ship building, aerospace, semiconductors and electronics, as well as education and research, life science, medicine and health.

As an enhancement of traditional laser processing technology, the new technology combining automatic control, machine vision and robot technologies proved to be a topic of discussion for a large number of visitors.

The Photonics Congress China was again held concurrently with the trade show. The 8th International Conference on Laser Processes and Components (LPC 2013), which formed part of the Congress, addressed the new topic of laser 3-D printing technology (laser additive manufacturing).

The Photonics Congress China also included the 8th National Conference on Laser Technology and Optoelectronics and Release of 2012 China Optics Outstanding Achievements, OSA Short Courses, and a workshop on Laser Safety Protection Certification. The workshop on laser safety protection certification showed the increasingly more important role that laser safety plays in production. The Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference was also held at the same time and combined scientific discussions, application examples and products.

The next Laser World of Photonics China will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 18 to 20, 2014.

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