Electron Beam Engineering adds laser marking to services

April 21, 2016
Welding company Electron Beam Engineering has added laser marking for metals and ceramics to its offerings.

Laser and electron beam welding company Electron Beam Engineering (Anaheim, CA) has added laser marking for etching and engraving into metals and ceramics to its offerings. The noncontact process permanently marks products using a laser beam that quickly passes over the surface of the desired image, while carving out microscopic fragments of material.

The company's RMI laser marker allows them to create detailed and accurate lines, numbers, logos, or any desired mark on products or parts for easy tracking and traceability, explains Grant Trillwood, general manager at Electron Beam Engineering. The company is also able to serialize and coordinate the laser marking with any laser or electron beam welding that they are performing on the same components, he adds.

For more information, please visit http://ebeinc.com.

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