3D-Micromac wins prize for laser cutting technology

June 3, 2016
3D-Micromac has received an award for its microCELL TLS production system, which has use in cutting solar wafers into half-cells.

Laser micromachining specialist 3D-Micromac (Chemnitz, Germany) has received the Megawatt Award for its microCELL TLS production system at the 10th TOP 10 Highlight competition at SNEC 2016 (Shanghai) on May 26, 2016. The microCELL TLS uses thermal-laser separation for cutting solar wafers into half-cells. By using half-cell technology, the average module power yield can be increased significantly.

The enabling TLS technology has the advantage over conventional separation techniques because it produces clean, micro-fissured edgings. No crystal damage is experienced at the separation edge in the form of the previous usual displacement of resolidified silicon in the ablation areas. In contrast to laser cutting procedures, no discharge and no particle formation occurs, as the substrate is only heated and not vaporized. The mechanical stability of processed solar cells is significantly greater than conventionally processed solar cells. The routine leaves no residue.

The microCELL system achieves a throughput of more than 7200 half-cells per hour (single lane). The optical setup relies on the industry-proven, on-the-fly technology used at 3D-Micromac's laser structuring tools for processing of PERC cells.

For more information, please visit www.3d-micromac.com.

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