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July 8, 2015
My last blog's call for feature articles was so successful that I am trying it again—this time with a call for news items for the website.
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My last blog's call for feature articles was so successful that I am trying it again—this time with a call for news items for the Industrial Laser Solutions website.

If you access, look at the homepage and find News and Articles (on the left-hand side), where you will find news regarding happenings in the field of industrial laser material processing that are posted daily. This information is obtained from a variety of sources: direct contacts, search engines, etc. From these, we post those we think will have appeal to the broad readership of this page. Our goal is to make this website a go-to for the industry by posting timely and pertinent information that otherwise may have been missed by readers.

So, here's a call for you to add [email protected] to your address list for company and personnel news; technology and installation news; conference and meeting announcements and post-event reports; and general happenings in the industrial laser community.

There is no guarantee news will be posted, and we reserve the right to edit and to post or not.

Here’s a clue to posting success—keep your submission as short as feasible with keywords related to "laser" inserted liberally in the text. ILS news attracts readers and holds their attention for longer than the industry average by posting tightly written material whenever possible.

ILS, as the only global publication that focuses exclusively on industrial laser material processing, posts web news from all over the world because we have homepage visitors from more than 150 countries.

We welcome your input.

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