ESI, TZI, and LaserTek partner on new MLCC testing solutions

Sept. 4, 2015
Laser micromachining systems maker ESI has entered a partnership to design and manufacture a new set of MLCC testing solutions.

Portland, OR - Laser micromachining systems maker Electro Scientific Industries (ESI) and equipment manufacturer Tian Zheng Precision Machinery (TZI; Kaohsiung, Taiwan) have partnered to design and manufacture a new set of multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) testing solutions for the large-chip testing market. The new platform will offer a lower-cost solution to MLCC manufacturers processing 0402 (m1005) and larger MLCCs.

The new testing solution, to be marketed under the ESI name, will incorporate the company’s handling and contacting technology but will be built by TZI, drawing on their local design and manufacturing capabilities. It will be sold and serviced through LaserTek’s Chinese and Taiwanese distribution channels, while additional markets will leverage ESI’s distribution channel.

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