Empire Precision Plastics adds laser marking for firearm components

Sept. 2, 2015
Empire Precision Plastics has added laser marking of serial numbers for firearm components identification to its capabilities.

Custom injection molder Empire Precision Plastics Inc. has added to its services the laser marking of serial numbers for identification of firearm components. The technology also is suited to other industries such as medical and defense where the product’s provenance is important for customers to identify the sources of components.

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Our take:

Empire Precision Plastics, which specializes in custom injection molding, has added laser marking of serial numbers for firearm components identification to its capabilities. It involves overmolding the part onto a blank plate and, if the part meets specifications, the plate portion is then serialized out of the mold.

When various firearm components are made of plastic, nylon and glass-filled polypropylene are typically used. Firearm manufacturers are increasingly using plastics because of their light weight and design flexibility.

The new laser marking capability is part of an expansion program to streamline product flow and improve efficiency, according to Neal Elli, the company's president. An 8000-square-foot warehouse is will kick off the project, followed by increased space for machining, assembly, and secondary operations—all of which should be completed in fall 2015.

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