Laser engraving enables hard-to-fake ID cards in Uruguay

Aug. 18, 2015
A laser engraving desktop printer will allow the Uruguay government to provide citizens with an electronic ID card that is difficult to fake.

Romano Canavese, Italy - Uruguay, despite being the second-smallest country in South America and holding only 3.3 million people, is known for its innovation regarding technology and social policy. The country ranks first in Latin America in democracy, peace, transparency, quality of living and, since 2014, e-Government. In fact, Uruguay managed to climb 24 places in the UN’s eGovernment rankings in just two years, earning the 26th spot worldwide and taking the lead among its neighbors.

A new electronic IC card consisting of two chips made with polycarbonate to make it difficult to fake will feature an electronic signature and key personnel data that will verify the authenticity of the user.

At the center of the solution is the laser engraving technology provided by IXLA, an Italian company that developed the ID 5 laser desktop card printer. This laser printer allows governments to laser-engrave ID cards decentralized in the most secure way. The Uruguay government is deploying ID 5 units in the whole country to provide the citizens the possibility to have their new Uruguayan ID card closer to their homes.

The ID 5 can laser-engrave polycarbonate and PVC cards, as well as encode smart cards, magnetic cards, and RFID cards. It is part of a family of products focused in the laser engraving technology to provide governments with secure IDs and passports under the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.

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