Laser cutting system

Jan. 1, 2007
The HyperGear laser cutting system from Mazak Optonics Corporation (Schaumburg, IL;, incorporates features designed to provide optimum setup, maintenance notification, and fast cutting speeds for every material type and thickness.
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The HyperGear laser cutting system from Mazak Optonics Corporation (Schaumburg, IL;, incorporates features designed to provide optimum setup, maintenance notification, and fast cutting speeds for every material type and thickness. This system includes an automatic torch and nozzle changer plus automatic setup of focus lens position, nozzle-to-material distance, and beam adjustments. In addition, there is a quick-change piercing gun to stabilize the piercing of thick plates while reducing heat build-up. The 4000W and 2500W HyperGear can process the thinnest galvanized steel up to 1-in mild steel and comes standard with a 5- x 10-foot bed.

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3D machine
New from TRUMPF (Germany;, the TruLaser 7040 is the largest version of the TruLaser Cell Series 7000, and can weld, cut, and process surfaces economically. The system’s X-axis travel is 4000 mm, and the Y-axis is designed as an arm with a working range of 1500 mm. It supports a very narrow, compact, and fast Z-axis with a 750mm working range. Two rotation axes give it complete 3D flexibility.

Tube cutter

Two laser cutting systems have recently been developed by Balliu MTC (Mosinee, WI; The SLF 110 is a 3-4 axis tube cutting machine with an auto tube loading system. It can handle square, round, oblong, and D-shaped tubes. An automatic unloading and sorting unit can be tailored depending on the length of the cut parts, and versions for 6- and 12-meter tubes are available.

From the LD-series, a linear drive laser cutting system, the LD125OPS, has also been introduced. This system has a choice in laser suppliers with power up to 5 kW. It contains a pallet changer with optional load and unload. There are interchangeable 5-in and 7.5-in lens cartridges without recalibrating, along with easy access to the cutting head. This product also has a two-mirror beam delivery system.

Laser power probe

The Comet 10K laser power probe from Ophir (Wilmington, MA; operates by measuring the heat rise from a ten-second exposure to a laser beam and thereby calculates the laser power. It has an algorithm to take into account for the heat loss due to the Comet temperature and thus can give accurate readings even if the Comet is hot before the measurement takes place. In addition to the Comet 10K there is the smaller Comet 1K.

High-precision cutter

ROFIN/Baasel Lasertech(Starnberg, Germany; presents the new StarCut Tube, a high-precision laser cutting system for cutting medical implants like stents or other precision components. This new technology allows cutting a coronary stent of 8 mm in length in less than 1 minute. The system also offers the possibility to choose between several available sources, and allows the use of a variety of process gases with a pressure of max. 25 bar. The wet option allows cutting with liquid flushing inside the tube. The optional 4-axis version allows non-radial cuts permitting users to cut hole contours as produced by mechanical milling or eroding. For cutting of high-precision flat sheet components, a cutting support box is available.

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Laser mirrors
New from Alpine Research Optics (Boulder, CO; is a series of flat mirrors that are intended for beam delivery applications of Q-switched ultraviolet lasers. The product covers both 355nm and 266nm output. These mirrors are fabricated on fused silica substrates and are offered with a choice of 1-inch and 2-inch diameters. These high-performance flat mirrors are intended for general-purpose beam steering tasks in drilling, scribing, cutting, perforation, and marking systems for semiconductor fabrication, advanced packaging, industrial manufacturing, and medical equipment manufacturing.

CO2 cutting system

LVD (Belgium; has developed the Orion, a CO2 laser cutting system that provides cutting capabilities in a compact, hybrid-style system able to process sheet sizes up to 1500 x 3000 mm and material thicknesses up to 16 mm. This system has low operation and maintenance costs, and is equipped with a single system GE Fanuc laser package, incorporating laser source, control, motors, and AC drive amplifiers. A choice of 2500W or 4000W laser source is offered, and in addition there is an optional CADMAN-L 3D software that maximizes flexibility and productivity.

Welding system

New from LasX Industries Inc. (White Bear Lake, MN;, the ScanWeld produces high welding speeds up to 1200 m/min. Due to low heat input there is less deformation and heat influenced zones, and there is good control of welding depth. The ScanWeld uses a CO2 laser, and the system can be used as a standalone system or be integrated in an automated production line.

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Automated processing system
The LaPro VS3 series of automated laser processing systems has been released by Citam Oy (Turku, Finland; This flexible platform can be configured for numerous applications, including marking, micromachining, thin film trimming, and others. Application-specific laser sources are incorporated with wavelengths ranging from the ultraviolet to the infrared and pulsewidths from femtoseconds to continuous wave. High-speed and high-precision automatic part handling equipped with linear motors is available as well as online measurement and quality control

Air cutting

The TruLaser 2030 from TRUMPF (Farmington, CT; has been expanded upon to include new air cutting capabilities. Designed for fast, automated production, this product combines an integral load and unload device with high-speed laser cutting. This machine can use compressed air as an assist gas to cut steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum and titanium. In addition to these new air cutting capabilities, the TruLaser 2030 will now be available with a compact enclosure that is 75 percent smaller than a conventional enclosure. This new addition includes faster installation, easier accessibility, and facilitated material exchange.

Safety seal

The CDRH Class 1 design safety seal has been developed from MECCO Marking & Traceability(Ingomar, PA; This safety seal confines laser beams to a small, light-tight enclosure that will prohibit assembly operators from laser exposure reflected into the eye. This new product is crucial in the operation of laser radiation due to the harmful effects that laser radiation does to the human eye.

Laser cutting machine

New from Adira(Portugal;, the CCL laser cutting machine provides maximum cut quality in different materials, in addition to maximum productivity level due to fast cutting speeds. The CCL has a flying optics design that increases speed and accuracy, and has a gantry type longitudinal axis and optic linear encoders for maximum positioning accuracy. There is an automatic shuttle table and adjustment of the focal point and quick change of the focal distance for minimal set up times.

Cutting system

New from Ermaksan Machinery Co. (Bursa, Turkey;, the Lasermak cutting system has a mono block rigid durable construction frame, in addition to a cooling unit for the laser source. LaserVision cabin windows and protective spectacles strain the laser beams and prevent eye injury. In addition, the cutting head provides an exchangeable cartridge system for high-pressure cutting applications.

Beam shapers

MolTech GmbH (Berlin, Germany; developed beam shapers for industrial laser systems. The πShaper works with lasers of UV, visual, near-IR spectrum, and CO2 lasers. This shaper converts a divergent or collimated Gaussian laser beam into a collimated flattop beam. Achromatic design, absence of internal focusing, similar input and output beam sizes, and the compact nature make is easy to integrate the πShaper in systems of scientific and industrial applications. This system is used in laser micromachining, welding, annealing, holography, and fluorescence technologies.

Welding/beam moving

New from SEF (Scharnebeck, Germany;, the LRW-Maxi is a beam moving system used for laser remote welding. The beam of a high-power CO2 laser source will be directed to the welding material with the help of a deflection mirror. The positioning of the beam results from the adjustment of the working mirror and the focus lens by high-speed linear drives. This system has a high moving velocity between the welding seams and the resulting overall cycle time.

CNC cutting

MicroStep Group (Bratislava; has developed the MicroLas, a CNC laser cutting machine with a standard working area of 4000 mm x 2000 mm, 3000 mm x 2000 mm, and 3000 mm x 1500 mm. This system uses high-precision guides and all other construction components that provide a high cutting quality. In addition, the MicroLas has a positioning speed of 60,000 mm/min, with a maximum cutting speed of 20,000 mm/min. With integrated remote diagnostic utilities, this product has advanced height control based on measuring plasma arc voltage for plasma torch, and comfortable lens mounting and centering.

Precision cutter

Developed by Messer Cutting Systems (Menomonee Falls, WI;, the LaserMat is a high-precision laser cutting system. It has a positioning speed of 60 m/min for each axis and acceleration of up to 0.5 g. This system contains a patented magnetic holder for protection of the cutting head, and from four to eight CNC-axes with resolution of 0.001 mm. In addition, the LaserMat has beam length compensation and corresponds to laser safety class 1.

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