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Aug. 1, 2007
Katsively, Ukraine-Laser technology remains the most dynamically developing area of science and engineering.

Katsively, Ukraine-Laser technology remains the most dynamically developing area of science and engineering. This was evident at the LTWMP-2007 conference. And perhaps the most positive factor of the conference was the presence of a young generation of researchers in laser technology.

Authors from 18 different countries presented. Alongside established topics, the program accent was on rapidly developing new laser applications for medical and biological instrumentation, micro and nanoprocessing, and sheet metal components shaping. For example, “Laser technology in medicine and medical instrumentation manufacturing” was presented by Prof. V. Kovalenko of LTRI, Kiev.

A plenary paper was given by Prof. V. Golubev and colleagues (Institute of Laser and Information Technologies of RAS, Russia) on “Deep penetration of high power CW CO2 laser beam into liquid.”

Dr. E. Kreutz (Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany) demonstrated the range of opportunities to improve the quality and increase the productivity of laser materials processing and showed a reliable means to remanufacture worn turbine blades. Prof. Turichin (State Technical University of St.-Petersburg, Russia) described molten pool behavior in laser hybrid welding, and Prof. L. Golovko (NASU-KPI, Ukraine) detailed laser sintering of tool composites containing diamonds.

Slovenian researchers from Ljubljana University, Prof. Govekar and Dr. R. Rozman talked on modeling of plasma shielding phenomena and on progress in laser droplet formation and welding.

U. Hoesslbarth (TRUMPF -Germany) described the application of laser systems in automotive manufacturing. B. Boese with colleagues (Laser Zentrum Hannover) presented results on hot crack formation during welding of high alloy steels with a pulsed laser beam. A. Florian (Bayerishes Laserzentrum) talked on laser welding/brazing in automotive production. And M. Grden (BIAS) presented a paper on thermal bending.

Experts from BIAS (Germany) and LTRI (Ukraine) presented the theoretical results for programmed shaping of a sheet material. The aerodynamic phenomena of gas-laser cutting of metals were presented by R. Zhuk and colleagues from LTRI (Ukraine). Researchers from PWI (Ukraine) considered interaction of laser radiation with materials in hybrid laser-plasma processing. The hybrid laser process was at the center of attention of many experts from Bremen (Germany), St. Petersburg Technical University (Russia), PWI (Ukraine), Laser Centre (Belgium), and others.

The tribology aspects of laser surface treatment were described by Dr. H. Pokhmurska (University of Technology, Chemnitz). And a number of papers were presented on laser sintering of powder materials for the synthesis of 3D products.

The final report by V. Kolpakov (LTRI, Ukraine) concerned opportunities for increasing the efficiency of laser systems by developing a Web network of available technologies and equipment in different regions and countries. The basic principles involve a virtual enterprise using the results from laser processing at various organizations in conjunction with modern information systems. It was disclosed that, at this stage of development, the work has already started with an international project integrating the efforts of experts from Ukraine, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Hungary (collaborating in the framework of bilateral research agreements).

The friendly, hospitable, and creative atmosphere of the conference promoted development of useful discussions and the establishment of business contacts.

The 3rd International Conference on Laser Technologies in Welding and Materials Processing (LTWMP-2007), organized by the Paton Welding Institute and the Laser Technology Research Institute (LTRI) of the National Technical University of Ukraine, was held May 29 -June 2, 2007. The complete conference proceedings will be issued in English at the end of November. For more information, contact the chairman, Prof. Vladimir S. Kovalenko at [email protected].

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