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Sept. 1, 2006
FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show promises everything you need to boost productivity and achieve maximum performance

FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show promises everything you need to boost productivity and achieve maximum performance

by Laureen Belleville, [email protected]

FABTECH International & AWS Welding show is moving to Atlanta, GA, a region that is seeing robust growth in metal fabricating, manufacturing, and infrastructure. More than 650 exhibitors will fill the halls of the Georgia World Congress Center October 30 through November 2. Below is information from exhibitors that responded to ILS’ request for laser-related product details. For information on other laser activities, such as the Automated Manufacturing Laser Cell, the Innovation Theater, and the Tech Tour, turn to page 4.

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The new generation LP6 series laser punch flexible manufacturing cell from Finn-Power offers a maximum sheet size of 60 x 120 inches or 60 x 169 inches for the LP8. With 33 US ton hydraulic ram force, flexible 20-station turret, up to four clamps, programmable clamp setting for virtually 100 percent material utilization, and digital punch control, the LP6 provides enhanced performance in many ways. A new construction of axis system allows higher acceleration and positioning than in the past with positioning speed X/Y 5905 inches/min. Additionally, the index system has been redesigned with separate motors for both gears and offers greater accuracy and speed up to 166 rpm.

The laser unit is a 2500W diffusion-cooled CO2 slab laser with excellent mode structure, low maintenance, and low gas consumption. Due to the intelligent quick-change cassette system for the cutting head, a new or different focusing lens can be changed in seconds.

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Bystronic’s new Bystar 3015 laser cutting system features 6000W with a solid-state RF power supply and rotary axis for the processing of flat sheets as well as tubes and profiles. The power supply is housed in a compact enclosure to conserve floor space and provide users with more efficient electrical consumption. Higher overall processing efficiency makes it possible to operate the laser cutting system with low production costs. The company is also showcasing its Bysoft 6.7 software that offers users advanced synchronization of laser, waterjet, and press brake processes.

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The 2D laser cutting system, Syncrono, from Prima North America features a patented laser head, designed with two additional small, linear-driven parallel kinematic axes on the moving gantry, to create a “machine within a machine.” The company explains that this enables the cutting head to cut accelerations up to 6G, enabling the system to cut more than 1000 holes per minute. The small size of the linear drives, combined with stiff, lightweight titanium components, produce minimal inertia, allowing mass to be moved with three times less power than typical machines. In addition, a vibration-free design and a constant beam path throughout the 60 x 120 inch work area provides accurate, reliable cutting, even in small and intricate profiles. Syncrono is equipped with a high-quality, high-power CP laser.

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TRUMPF introduces innovative changes to its line of flat sheet laser cutting machines with integrated automation. Among the most noticeable of these enhancements is a new compact enclosure over the laser head that is 75 percent smaller than a conventional enclosure. Key benefits include faster installation and easier accessibility and function. Because the enclosure can be set up promptly, installation is expedited. The enclosure’s new design also features a small door, which can be opened to change the cutting head quickly and easily. The machine also will now come with an easy-to-use free-standing control.

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The new Gemini dual galvo, fiber-pulsed laser from Telesis can mark two patterns at once and is available in either 10W or 20W models. The company says it is ideal for marking electronic and medical products and offers exceptional quality, speed, and value combined with fiber laser technology. It is also premiering its all-new line of high-speed Express diode-pumped lasers. These solid-state, end-pumped models offer an average diode life greater than 15,000 working hours. The Sabre 10W CO2 laser will also be shown.

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Baublys Control Laser’s FB100 benchtop laser workstation features an all-welded aluminum frame. It incorporates a 20W fiber laser and reportedly is ideal for small batches or light industrial marking. Measuring 24 x 27 x 31.5 inches, the unit has a small footprint yet provides a 21 x 24 inch work area. Features include a 12-inch marking field, programmable Z-axis, exhaust fan, tooling plate, and interior light.

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Mecco’s SafetySeal, a patent-pending CDRH Class 1 approved design, confines the laser beam to a small, light-tight enclosure and will prevent assembly operators from laser light exposure. The MeccoMark 20W laser marking system requires a small footprint to apply scannable 2D data matrix codes. MeccoMark fiber lasers are available as 10W or 20W units and provide 50,000+ hours of laser lifetime. It marks at 3000 mm/s (250 characters per second) covering a surface space up to 5 x 5 inches. It meets all AIAG 2D data matrix marking requirements as specified in the B-4 marking and identification standard and B-17 direct part marking guidelines.

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The MP-5 ultra-low absorbing lens from II-VI Infrared ships direct from the factory as a standard CO2 laser component. Features include a typical absorption of <0.12 percent, visible HeNe laser light transmission, and reduced thermal lensing. This specially coated ZnSe focusing lens is available in both 1.5 inch and 2.0 inch diameters and ships in 14 standard replacement lens configurations for most popular OEM laser models. It also is available custom-configured in OEM quantities.

The RS3021CJ power tube from Econco/CPI is used in TRUMPF CO2 lasers at low cost. The company says it has been rebuilding the product for 15 years with great success. The company will now offer the same reliability in a new power tube.

PEPS SolidCut CAMFlow Director is a significant new core component in what Camtek claims is the foundation for the next-generation PEPS. Initial customer releases of PEPS SolidCut Version 6 are planned for late summer to fall. PEPS CAMFlow Director is a new technology engine suite that includes automated feature-finding, knowledge-based featuring machining, machine kinematics, toolpath simulation, and CNC code generation.

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