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Aug. 1, 2009

ILS engages industry experts in new advisory board

In preparation for a return to growth in the industrial laser market, ILS has created an International Editorial Advisory Board to assist the editors in presenting the most appropriate educational editorial to our diverse readership base, which has been made more so as our Website is accessed by an expanded audience in more than 130 countries.

To begin with I asked current Contributing Editors to transition into Editorial Advisors, expanding their responsibilities. I then filled out the International Editorial Advisory Board with the addition of several industry specialists with high visibility, which brings specific technology expertise to our already powerful group of advisors.

For your edification here is a list of the ILS International Editorial Advisory Board with their bona fides and technology interests.

Mariana G. Forrest – PhD, MS, Dip.Eng. (automotive applications)

Tony Hoult – PhD, BSc (industrial applications for fiber lasers)

Keng H. Leong – PhD, MS, BA (laser processing applications)

Hua-Chung Man – PhD, MS, BS (laser processing in China)

Stan Ream – MS, BS (laser materials processing)

Ronald D. Schaeffer – PhD, MS, BS (laser micromachining)

Martien H.H. van Dijk – MS, (laser drilling/joining applications in Europe)

Kunihiko Washio – PhD, MS (solid-state laser materials processing in Japan)

It never occurred to me when asking these well-known and highly regarded industry experts to join the ILS International Editorial Advisory Board that they also pack a load of academic credentials; all have advanced degrees and six are PhDs. I can tell you this, not one of these Advisors trades on their hard-earned titles as I can't recall ever hearing them use their titles. But then, I am an American and we refuse to dip our colors to any sovereign nation—so we judge the person not the title. Besides, it would be hard for me to call Ron Schaeffer “Doc” as I beat out rhythm behind his guitar solo in the band Beer's Law.

The ILS International Editorial Advisory Board members are respected within the industry for their experience, knowledge, background in industrial laser materials processing, and perhaps more than anything else, for being what my best man used to call “good people.” I have interfaced with these Board members for many years and I have always appreciated their support of ILS and the mission of this magazine—to bring readers the latest, authoritative information on the technical and cost benefits of industrial laser materials processing.

Board members can serve as your conduit to ILS editors. If you have routine contact with them and would like to share news items or comments about the technology and markets, they will be pleased to pass this on to us. In this way ILS has many eyes into the laser technology centers around the world. I encourage your interaction with the Board members.

One last note; these are trying times in the global manufacturing sector and momentous changes are happening every day. Running lean is the order of the day for a large portion of this community and ILS in not immune from this pressure, as you may have noticed. We are using the ILS Website,, as another vehicle to bring the technology news to readers, and we invite you to bookmark this site and access it regularly.

David A. Belforte
[email protected]

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