Dec. 1, 2009
Aerotech’s (Pittsburgh, PA; Enhanced Throughout Module (ETM) improves positioning performance ...

Improved positioning for high-dynamic motion system

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Aerotech’s (Pittsburgh, PA; Enhanced Throughput Module (ETM) improves positioning performance of high-dynamic motion systems by directly measuring unwanted motion of the machine base and communicating it back to the controller for compensation. By working in concert with Aerotech controllers, the ETM allows the servo system to compensate for dynamic motion artifacts and to do a superior job of executing the desired motion path.

Excimer laser micromachining

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The LEAP excimer laser from Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA; offers a combination of output power, low purchase price, and economical operating cost for micromachining applications in microelectronics and medical device manufacturing. In particular, the LEAP is primarily intended for cost sensitive, throughput critical micro-manufacturing tasks such as for small and functional devices with smart functions (electrical, chemical, biological) and micro fluidic parts.

Reel-to-reel system for photovoltaics

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A new turnkey reel-to-reel system from Rofin-Baasel (Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK; is targeted at the production of flexible photovoltaic products. This system has been designed to incorporate multiple laser sources, which can be used to perform several different processing tasks on Si, µSi, GIGS, and organic cells, all within a single machine. Built upon a substantial granite base, the system incorporates high-speed, high-precision motorized axes to drive vibration-proof optics when the system is being used in the step-and-repeat mode. For on-the-fly applications, beam positioning is achieved using fast and precise galvo scanning heads. A fully integrated vision system enables precise alignment with fiducials and also enables automated inspection tasks to be carried out within the machine.

Laser micromachining platform

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Electro Scientific Industries Inc. (ESI; Portland, OR; offers the ML5900 laser micromachining platform, an advanced, high-precision system that is optimized for industrial-production. The system gives users real-time process control while providing them with a modular framework for maximum flexibility and rapid redeployment. Featuring a high-power, interchangeable diode-pumped IR, green, or UV laser, the system enables component and OEM manufacturers to drill, route, and nanostructure a wide range of materials including metals, organics, dielectrics, semiconductors, and hybrid-engineered parts. The platform’s integrated metrology and rotary stage allow for fully parallel processing, thereby increasing the system’s overall speed and handling capabilities.

Surface treatment fiber laser

IPG Photonics (Oxford, MA; has introduced a new series of compact fiber lasers developed specifically for cladding, brazing, annealing, and heat treating applications. The YLS-4000-CL 1 kW to 4 kW fiber laser systems take advantage of the company’s newest diode technology at price levels below what direct diode systems typically cost with benefits only a laser can offer. Features include single wavelength, maintenance free, large dynamic range, plug and play round or square delivery to 1 mm, rapid beam switching, long stand-off distance, and high electrical efficiency.

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See the results for yourself! We'll print a benchmark part so that you can assess our quality. Just send us your file and we'll get to work.

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