Sanjay Gangadhara

Sanjay Gangadhara is the Senior Program Director for Optics at Ansys. In this role, he works closely with the leadership teams from Product Management and R&D to define the long-term product vision and business strategy for the Ansys Optics portfolio. As a part of this effort, Sanjay leads strategic partnership and business development activities within Ansys Optics and serves as a brand ambassador for the Optics portfolio. His background in general physics, electromagnetism, and optical systems diagnostics has served him well in his various roles throughout his career. Sanjay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering & Nuclear Engineering from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Nuclear Science & Engineering from MIT.

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Software & Accessories

Optical design software: From nano to system scale

March 1, 2024
Design engineers must be able to perform highly accurate simulations at multiple scales to predict the performance of modern optical devices.